Thursday, February 10, 2011


Usually babies grow their teeth around 7 to 8 months depending on the progress of growth. Teething is a normal process and a baby would undergo that stage. It itchy and sometimes baby gets fever because of the stage of teething. Parents should not worry because there is a natural remedy when baby is already in this stage. This medical treatment is very effective for babies.

Pure Honey has been used for generations as a natural counter itch and pain for babies that are growing their teeth. Usually the early signs of teething is the constant biting of baby of any object that she puts in his/her mouth.

Things needed:

1. tsp of pure honey
2. baby wipes


1.Clean hands before applying this application. Make sure that hands are dry and clean. Make sure that soap used in washing is completely rinse with water.

2. Dip index finger in the honey. Then rub it in the gum of your baby. Usually babies bite the finger but that is just normal. But do not allow fingers to stay long because bleeding might happen to the finger since baby has tooth already.

3. Use baby wipes in wiping the lips and mouth when there is excess honey spilling. Leave the honey inside the month. Apply once a day only.

This medical procedure can reduce the pain that baby is feeling when teeth are growing. Aside from that, it strengthen the teeth growing in baby's mouth.