Saturday, March 28, 2009


Many are wondering why there are people who are fat and others have a healthy and ideal body. Basically the reason behind it is body's metabolism. When a person has a slow metabolism, that person becomes fat. But being fat is not really a problem. others would take a crash diet just have a good body. Because of this, many people suffer from anorexia. This is very evident in models in New York, Paris, Milan, Japan and other fashion centers in the world.

To get a healthy body, one need not to experience crash diet or starving one to death. All you need it to eat less high carbohydrate food, especially at night. A gym work out is ideal. But basically when you take less food you gain less fats. Instead of sodas and soft drinks, fresh fruit juice is best.

There are three meals in the morning. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat plenty during breakfast and lunch. Eat half of what you eat at dinner. There's an old belief that eating after 6 pm makes us fat. In my experience, it would be best not to eat after 7 pm. Do not sleep after eating. Let your body's metabolism do it's digesting job part you will have a good and healthy body.

Just a pointer. Playing chess is very ideal when you want to lose some weight. I have so many friends who tried it and they slimmed down.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Mangostene is one of the fruits that the is very common today. Aside from the tasty fruit for the stomach, it is also a good source of antioxidants and lowers the risk of a person against diseases. There is is available fruit tea and supplements made from mangostene fruit. According to patients who already took the supplements said that there is really positive result. The feel good and energetic. Their immune system is boost by the mangostene supplements. It is better to eat mangosteen a day as a change to apple. The only problem is that mangosteen is a seasonal fruit still. But with the medical breakthrough from the fruit, mangosteen will be available whole year round.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I used to live in a town in Davao Oriental, where people religiously follow the herbal medicine to relieve their illnesses. When stomachache happens, they use tuba-tuba or Jatropa Curcas, as their solution to the pain. What they do is, they first make the patient relax and let the patient drink lukewarm water for the stomach. Then they get several leaves of tuba-tuba and they steam it for at least 10 seconds. Then they place the leaves in the stomach area of the patient and wrap it with clean cloth. They let the wrap stay there for 2 hours. Usually, the patient sleeps when the procedure is applied. When the patient wakes up, the pain in the stomach is relieved by the tuba-tuba leaves wrap.

Monday, March 9, 2009


The are many people who experience having warts in their face or in their body. Warts grow in numbers and some would go to the dermatologist just to take the warts out from the surface of their skin. Removing warts can be very tiring and costly too for the patient. Removing warts can be very easy and costless compared to going to the dermatologist. With the help of cashew nuts, warts will be gone. Cashew nuts have this special oil that once extracted, it is the best medicine against warts. The oil is placed on a cotton bud and applied to the wart or warts. In one week time, warts will be gone. You will have a healthy and beautiful skin. The oil can be extracted by a low heat fire and place the cashew nuts in a deep pan. This easy health tip is very effective and proven positive results to many patients.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Influenza is an infectious disease that affects birds and mammals. This is very common and the symptoms are chilling, fever and coughing. Influenza is commonly referred as flu. When we are infected with this disease, the doctor would advice us to have a good rest. Usually, the resting would be two to three days for a full recovery from flu.

Having a flu is not really a big problem, since there are many over the counter medicines that one can buy to fight flu. But the best way to fight flu is by preventing it to hit you. There is now in the market the answer to influenza or flu. The Flu Vaccine is now available in the market. With this vaccine, nobody will be infected with this viral disease. The vaccine comes in two forms. One is injection form or Flu Shots and the other one is by nasal spray or FluMist. Both forms are very effective way to prevent influenza before it infect us.