Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am sick. Its been two days already that my cold and fever are torturing me. I cannot breath properly because of my cold. I feel like something is stuck inside my nose. I already took several vitamin c brands but still no relief from common colds. My first option was to go the hospital and get hospitalized for the colds and fever that I have.

Suddenly, I realized that common colds can be cured by water therapy. Immediately, I got my bottle and filled it with water and started drinking it. Based on my observation, my colds is slowly loosening up and I can spit the phlegm easily. My body temperature has already normalize unlike the past 2 days that my body temp was as high as 39-40. But since I took water as my therapy, I can noticed that my health problem is getting better and I can breath well right now. I believe that because of water therapy, my recovered easily.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was in the province the other week for some medical mission. Along with me are doctors and nurses who are volunteers for a non government organization giving medical aid to far and remote places in the country. It was a 3 hours walk to the top of the mountain to give medical aid to the municipality in that area. The road going to the place was not concrete so we need to carry some medical equipment and supplies to the place. Our service vehicle was left at the foot of the mountain.

After 3 hours of long walk, we reached the municipality that we giving medical services and aid. The location was very far that lights and portable water is nonexistent. We brought some mineral waters and food too for the mission. The chief of the town greeted us warmly and the people as well. They were amazed to see a doctor and nurses because the place is very far that no doctors can reach the place.

Immediately, I prepared the tables and opened the medicines that we brought along with us. People started to flock the medical mission venue. After completing the setup of the tables and chairs, the medical mission started immediately. I was in-charge of the medicine dispensing. After the check up, the patient will show me the doctor's note and I will release the corresponding medicine for the patient.

Here in the city, dengue patients are immediately put on dextrose to replenish the lost body fluid. Sometimes doctor's would prescribe Gatorade drink for the loss body fluid. But in the place where we did the medical mission, they have a unique way to dealing patients with dengue fever. Instead of dextrose, they boil tawa-tawa leaves and then they let the patient drink the boiled water with tawa tawa on it. Tawa Tawa grass is a common grass that we can find along the streets and we don't give any value on it. But there, they use it as medicines. Tawa tawa has undergone many medical studies to prove the medical benefits along with the grass. According to one local folk I spoke to, his son was a victim dengue fever and it nearly cause him his life. But because they are using the tawa-tawa grass, his life was spared.

Because I was so amazed with the medical benefit of the grass, I brought some sample of the boiled water with tawa-tawa so that we can examine in the laboratory. But aside from tawa-tawa, the villagers also use other medical plants for their common illnesses and it is very effective for them. One thing I learned about the medical mission is that the healing wonder of nature is still very active and we needed to look at this herbal medicines because we might find the cure for more dangerous illnesses that we have right now.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


There many cases of diabetes right now. In fact in the latest study, there is an increase of almost 65% of patients with diabetes right now compared 2 years ago. The increase of diabetic patients is alarming. There are patients aged around 12-20 years old right now with type 2 diabetes already. High blood sugar can be very dangerous and can lead to diabetes.

We must have a balance sugar in our blood. But because of our lifestyle right now, we can easily be victims of this illness. But having a high blood sugar can be solved easily with the help of mother nature. Ampalaya juice has been proven to lower blood sugar level in a very healthy way. For this medical treatment, we will be needing the following:

1. 1 kilo of ampalaya.
2. 3 liters of water.
3. blender.


1.Wash the ampalaya properly. Make sure that the skin of the vegetable is well washed.
2. Place the ampalaya and add the water into the blender. If the blender has a capacity less than liters, just adjust the ampalaya and the water proportionately.
3. blend is for about 3 minutes. Then place the entire blended juice in a pitcher.

It would be advisable to take the juice every after meals. But make sure that you are not eating starchy foods for that would mean sugar. The ampalaya juice has been used for centuries in treatment of high blood sugar.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


There are many health and beauty creams in the market that promise that it will make you younger. But actually this is not a confirmed study. Health creams can make your skin whiten but can never make you younger.

Our body and skin particularly age. That's a fact about human beings. And when our skin ages, that would mean we grow also. That's nature. We cannot change that. But we can slowdown the aging process with a simple health tip. The secret of having a healthy skin and make you younger looking is by sleeping. That 's right. By sleeping we get to slowdown the aging process of our skin. In fact we are not just slowing it down but we are also allowing our skin rejuvenate more healthy skin cells.

But sleeping alone is not enough. We need to be more health conscious and avoid things that can make us look old. We need to avoid the following:

1. Smoking.
2. Drinking of any form of alcoholic drinks.
3. Avoid to much exposure to the sun.
4. Avoid exposure to dust and any unhealthy environments.

When we remove these things in our system, we will get the right health for our skin. We need to do the following.

1. Drink as many water as we can.
2. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. 10 pm is the ideal sleeping time for all.
3. Have a healthy diet and avoid fatty foods.
4. Exercise regularly.

This is no fountain of youth. But we can do these simple things and have a younger look. By these, we get to slowdown the aging process of our skin and body.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was holding my medical duty at the hospital when one f the nurses called me and told me to go the emergency room as soon as possible because one patient was looking for me. Upon arrival in the emergency room I saw my patient lying in the bed and waiting for me. He was one of my patients in the clinic. He was already coughing and coughing like he was in great pain. Immediately, I told the nurse to prepare the patient because he must be x-ray and I must see the result.

When I looked at the result of his x-ray, I noticed spots in his lungs and as if there were already holes in the lung surface. It was not good because it showed early stage of lung cancer. My patient was a change smoker already. He smoke reams of cigarettes almost every week. His lips were already dry when he was rushed to the hospital. It was a stage 1 lung cancer already. Since the illness was still young, it can still be treated. I told my patient to stop smoking or else he will die. I read this article cigarrest reviews about lung cancer and smoking was the main cause to it. The cigarrest reviews was very helpful to me because I can share it to my patients with stage 1 lung cancer.

My co-doctor in the hospital told me about cigarrest reviews that he always read during his break. Since then, I always read the articles and it really helped me a lot in my profession as a physician.

Friday, September 23, 2011


The dengue fever right now is very alarming. Just for this month, there are already 500 cases of dengue cases that resulted to casualty of the patient. Usually, children from ages 4-10 years old are the ones mostly admitted because of dengue fever. A dengue fever is caused by a mosquito bite and that would be very fatal. The local department of health has already made advisory about dengue fever and how to prevent its spread.

To prevent dengue fever, we must do the following:

1. Clean our surroundings.
2. Remove stagnant waters that may be the laying ground of mosquitoes.
3. Always take Vitamin C supplements for it helps boost of resistance against deadly infectious diseases.
4. When a fever is already noticed, immediately seek medical help. Do not delay for it may be the dreaded dengue fever already.
5. Anti mosquito lotion is already recommended for protect against mosquitoes that carry the dengue fever.

These are just some simple steps that are very helpful in preventing dengue fever.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Many people right now are too much preoccupied with their work and businesses to the point that they neglect their body and their health. According to the latest medical news, 7 out of 10 people suffer medical illnesses due to stress. Stress is the the number one factor that can lead to strokes, heath attacks, kidney failures and liver problems. But stress related illnesses can be prevented by having a right body care. Here are some of the tips that can be very helpful to people that are too stress of the things that they do.

Tip no. 1: Have a good sleep. People need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. It is advisable that a person should be in bed before 10 pm. This is very important because our liver do self repair during 11 pm to 3 am in the morning. When a person is still awake during these hours, liver cannot do the self repair function and that may lead to health problems.

Tip no. 2: Eat a balance diet. People today prefer to eat fatty foods and cholesterol rich foods. Having a poor food diet can be a problem by having an increase in blood pressure and high blood sugar. Cholesterol blocks the heart arteries that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. High Blood sugar can lead to kidney malfunctions and that can be deadly. It is also advisable to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will replenish loss body fluids due perspiration. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tip no. 3: Exercise regularly. At least 15 minutes a day of exercising can be very helpful in making our body healthy. Exercise makes the blood circulation in the body well. A gym session will be a viable one. A morning walk will also be helpful in keeping the body healthy.

With these easy tips, a person can be healthy and free from illnesses and be be very productive in his daily activity in life.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Many of us are now diagnosed with high blood sugar. This is due to the meals that we intake everyday and that can be very deadly. People with high blood sugar are at risk of kidney problems and liver problems once not attended immediately. In the recent medical survey 4 out of 10 people die of kidney related problems due to high blood sugar.

Having a high blood sugar is not really a problem. With the help of ampalaya or bitter melon. Amplaya has been used by herbal medicine practitioners in treating patients with high blood sugar. For this medical procedure, here are the things needed:

2 kilos of Ampalaya or bitter melon.
5 liters of water
cooking pot - enough to boil 5 liters of water


1. Chop the ampalaya into slices.
2. Place the slices of ampalaya into the cooking pot.
3. Pour the 5 liters of water in the ampalaya.
4. Boil the ampalaya or bitter melon for about 5 minutes.
5. Pour the water into the pitcher and let it cool down.
6. Drink the ampalaya water every before and after meals. Just a class of ampalaya water or bitter melon.

The treatment of blood sugar usually would take around 2 weeks. But with the constant drinking of ampalaya water can fasten the lowering process. In just a week, blood sugar will be lower with good signs in your health.

Friday, July 22, 2011


We sometimes neglect a simple cough. A cough for 1 to 2 weeks can already be dangerous. We should always be cautious with cough because a simple cough can be asthma in the coming days. That is why we should seek medial attention imeediately.

There are 2 ways how to be asthmatic. One , is by hereditary. Once your family has a history of asthma, then you might also get one because it is already part of your genes. The second is by acquired. This is more about the surroundings that you are in. In many cases people living in polluted areas. People living in this kind of environment has a high possibility to get asthma.

For asthma prevention, we must always be prepared of the signs as follows:

1. Coughing for about 1 to 2 weeks.
2. Hard cough is always the first sign of asthma.
3. Difficulty in breathing once coughing.
4. Perspiration during coughing.

These are just the early signs of asthma and once detected, one should always seek medical attention. In hospitals, the nebulizing patients with asthma to ease the breathing of the patient and to calm down the lungs. There is also medicines that are administered by the hospital to ease the patient. It is always best to seek medical attention before a cough mutates into asthma. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. n the case of asthmatic patients, the case is recurring.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In the recent medical chart, cough is one of the top health problems right now. There are medicines available but the natural way of healing is still ideal, less the medicines. Water therapy has always been proven to ease patients with cough problems. Water Therapy is highly recommended because it cures cough fast less stress of medicine drowse.

Water Therapy can easily be done. Water must be taken by patients with cough every minute. The normal urination is just normal because of the water intake. The good thing about water therapy is that there is no overdose of water. Water ease cough by making the mucus substance in the lungs and throat area loose because of the water. Sticky mucus loose grip on the throat walls and coughing it out would be easy to the patient with cough.

Water Therapy has been used in various medical centers to ease the cough of patients in the area. Even doctors can testify that water therapy is an immediate solution to cough problems.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I was doing my rounds in the medical ward yesterday. The medical ward is a place where patients with less serious illnesses are placed. It is a general policy of the hospital where I am a resident doctor, to wear medical scrub. The mens scrub uniforms are available in the supply room and we doctors must always wear our scrub to be identified by the nurses and medial staffs inside the hospital building.

When I was in the delivery room, I was wearing my pink scrub uniform, that is the official color inside the delivery room. When I am inside the conference room, I must wear my white scrub. Hospital policy must be followed. That is why when I leave the house I always make sure that I bring my hospital uniform. Its a good thing wearing the uniform because patients can easily recognize me, as a doctor from the nurses and the aides working inside the hospital. The hospital acquires the scrubs uniform from this site:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was assigned in the female ward area of the hospital where I am a resident doctor. It is a special place because all of the patients lying in this ward area are all women, women with a unique health problem, Breast Cancer. According to the head nurse, most patients admitted in this ward area enters in a wheelchair and leaves inside a body bag.

Breast Cancer is the number 1 killer of women and it is hard to cure or medicate when the stage of the patients is already terminal. The key to breast cancer is to detect the disease early so that it can be treated immediately. There was one patient in the ward that has undergone breast removal just to stop the spread of the cancer cells in her mammary gland. But the sad things is that the cancer cells has already mutated plenty. She will be scheduled for another breast removal session in the operating room.

Breast Cancer may be hereditary but in many cases, women get this sickness in unknown reason at all. Many believed that stress is a contributor to breast cancer but that is still have to be studied upon to make the theory of the disease more factional.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Malungay is a very useful vegetable. Aside from incorporating it in the meals, it is also effective in helping lower the persons blood pressure. This medial procedure is very effective and prevents stroke and heart problems. For the medical treatment, we will be needing the following:

1/4 kilo malungay leaves
1 liter water


  1. Boil the water and set aside.
  2. Place the malungay leaves in the water. Cover it for about 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the leaves of the malungay.
  4. Place the water in a pitcher and drink every 5 hours.
The malungay water must be taken before or after meals. It is important that a person with high blood pressure to drink the water. It may taste a little bit bad but the results are worth it

Monday, April 11, 2011


The summer is already here and most people go the beach to ease the heat of summer. Going to the beach and swimming can be an exposure to jellyfish sting, which is very common to beach goers. Jellyfish sting can be very painful and itchy as well. But there is a natural remedy against jellyfish sting and that is the vinegar wash. Materials need:

clean water


1. Wash the sting area with clean water. Slowly tap the sting area to dry a little bit.
2. Wash the sting area with vinegar. If the sting is present, remove it slowly to ease the pain a little bit. Let the vinegar solution stay in the sting area for about 5 minutes before rinsing it.

This is a simple medical procedure that can be very useful when a sting from a jellyfish happens. But if the pain persist, immediately seek medical attention for proper medical care.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Many people right now are having oral problems related to tooth decay and gingivitis. It is very hard when these problems arise. The medical and dental associations always state that prevention is better than cure and for this we have to prevent oral problems before it can ruin our health. This medical procedure is very basic. Salt Gargle is proven to help prevent oral problems. for this medial treatment, we will be needing the following materials:

Glass of water
1/2 tbsp of salt (rock)

Medical procedure:

1. Rinse rinse mouth with water.
2. Dilute salt in the glass of water. make sure that salt has been dissolved well.
3. Gargle the water for about 3 minutes. Make sure that all parts of the mouth is well gargled with the salt and water solution.
4. Spit out the water solution and rinse with water. Wipe mouth to dry.

This medical procedure has been used ever since and has good result. The salt gargle removes the bad breath and prevents tooth decay before it happens.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Toothache is a common health problem in the mouth. It is caused by cavities that lead to tooth decay. Toothache can range from slight to severe pain depending on the decay, the greater the decay the painful the tooth is. Toothache can be ease with this simple herbal solution. Vinegar gargle is a known effective to ease the pain of the tooth. For this medical treatment, we will be needing the following materials:

3 tbsp vinegar

Medical Procedure:

1. Gargle mouth with clean water. Spit the gargled water.
2. Gargle 3 tbsp of vinegar. Make sure that the place where the pain is noticeable should be the main place concentrated by the gargle.
3. The gargle would take for about 2 minutes. Rinse mouth with water again.

The pain of the tooth will slowly be ease with the vinegar gargle. The easing the pain will only take for about a couple of days. It would be best to consult a dentist as soon as possible time to prevent tooth extraction. This is a very simple medical treatment that can be very useful.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


People get cuts everyday and that is just normal. But when we neglect the wound, it can get infection and can caused bad to our health. In this medical treatment, we will be needing the following:

leaves of malungay
germicidal soap clean cloth

1. Clean the wound with soap and wash it with running water.
2. In a bowl, pound the malungay leaves until it is already in poultice form.
3. Place the malungay poultice in the wound or cut and let it stay there for about 3 hours.

The malungay poultice is an effective disinfectant and it helps cure the wound fast. It also helps prevent the germs and bacteria to enter the open wound. This medical procedure is also best for patients who are diabetic, since their wound heal longer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I just recently opened my medical clinic inside the St. Luke's Medical Center. As I observed, most of other clinic staffs are using their medical scrubs while inside the clinic. Using medical scrubs is very nice to see and patients would immediately recognized clinic staffs by just using scrubs. As a medical practitioner, I always want that my medical staffs to be well uniformed, especially when inside the clinic.

I already ordered several scrubs in the medical center but the officer told me that there are limited stocks available. Even there are limited stocks, buying scrubs online is another option. I guess the problem of limited stocks of scrubs is no longer a problem since I can buy it online. I also bought another surgical scrub for me when I am doing my job in the operating room. Having medical scrubs as uniform is also a good idea especially inside the medical center.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Usually babies grow their teeth around 7 to 8 months depending on the progress of growth. Teething is a normal process and a baby would undergo that stage. It itchy and sometimes baby gets fever because of the stage of teething. Parents should not worry because there is a natural remedy when baby is already in this stage. This medical treatment is very effective for babies.

Pure Honey has been used for generations as a natural counter itch and pain for babies that are growing their teeth. Usually the early signs of teething is the constant biting of baby of any object that she puts in his/her mouth.

Things needed:

1. tsp of pure honey
2. baby wipes


1.Clean hands before applying this application. Make sure that hands are dry and clean. Make sure that soap used in washing is completely rinse with water.

2. Dip index finger in the honey. Then rub it in the gum of your baby. Usually babies bite the finger but that is just normal. But do not allow fingers to stay long because bleeding might happen to the finger since baby has tooth already.

3. Use baby wipes in wiping the lips and mouth when there is excess honey spilling. Leave the honey inside the month. Apply once a day only.

This medical procedure can reduce the pain that baby is feeling when teeth are growing. Aside from that, it strengthen the teeth growing in baby's mouth.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Many people today are at risk of suffering from kidney problems that can even lead to death. In the latest survey of the national medical society, there is a growing cases of kidney problems. Dialysis is the immediate solution and can prolong the life of the person who has damaged kidneys. But as they say, prevention is better that cure. That is why the sayote water is highly recommended to all people. For this medical procedure, we will be needing the following materials:

1. 1 kilo of sayote, cut into squares.
2. 3 litters of water,


1. Slice the sayote into squares.
2. Put all the sliced sayote in the water.
3. Boil the water with the sayote for about 10 minutes and let it cool down.

It is advisable that people should drink the water at least 3 times a day to get that healthy kidneys. There is no need for supplements. Only mother natures way of healing will do in preventing kidney problems in the future.


I was doing my rounds in the hospital when I met this patient in the emergency room. I thought it was just a normal case but it was not. The patient was experiencing swollen hand and wrist and there must be a surgery or else the patient might suffer more from the medical problem. As a medical practitioner, I immediately called my co-doctor in the Hand Surgeon Los Angeles,
to check the patient's hand condition. After a thorough medical check on the hand of the patient, the patient was suffering from a carpal release syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel Surgery Los Angeles is the best place I know that can perform a medical procedure that can ease the patient's hand problem.

It is expected that after the patient undergo the treatment of his hand, it would be fine and the pain will be gone. The patient is also suffering from a health problem called ganglion cyst. It is a like a protrude in the surface of the hand it doesn't need any surgery. But if the non- surgical treatment is not enough it can also be operated. But there is a Ganglion Cyst Doctor Los Angeles
that can easily be called for this cyst.

The final verdict for the patient is that he needs to undergo medical surgery for the cyst and a special treatment for his carpal release syndrome. The patient was scheduled tomorrow and the medical director told me that I have to be present in the operation of the patient. The hand surgery is a must to end the patient's hand pain problem.