Thursday, December 24, 2009


I was just recently hired by a tertiary level hospital here in the city. I was told by the medical director that I have to start next year as one of the resident doctors of the hospital. Aside from the hospital, I also hold clinic nearby. The schedule was fine for me since I have the entire month of December to do the things I like to do and at the same time, I can attend to the patients in the my clinic to tell them that medical clinic hours will be change since I will be doing hospital rounds.

But just this morning, I got a call from the hospital director that my duty would start tonight, Christmas eve. The hospital expected that there will be a lot of patients with powder burns because of pyrotechnic materials. Starting this eve, I have to be in the hospital for these patients. I guess I will be celebrating my Christmas celebration with nurses and hospital staffs. I will be doing the hospital rounds immediately arriving in the hospital building.

As medical doctors, we vowed to save lives and we don't select the time in doing this. I will be assigned in the emergency room. That I expect more patients admitted for this season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I received a call my close friend that her daughter was in the hospital the other day due to high fever. Since I am their family doctor, I went immediately to the hospital to check my patient out. According to my friend, her daughter has a fever that comes and go. She was admitted immediately after she collapsed in their house.

The attending physician in the hospital where my patients was brought was my classmate in medical school for 3 years. He told me that my patient is sick and her platelets count in going down rapidly. They have already performed several test on her to determine her condition. As I was looking at the patient, I was able to noticed rashes on her skin and I was in doubt of my medical findings as I observed her in the hospital.

Right immediately, I know that she might have dengue fever and in few hours, her life might be in danger if no immediate action is taken. As the medical findings show, she has dengue fever. A fever that is feared most of many because of the cases where dengue fever was the findings and the patient died because of the sickness.

Immediately after I knew the result of the laboratory examination done to her, I told her father to find tawa-tawa grass and boil it to get the juice from the grass. For it is the best medicine for dengue fever. What is different from other fever is that, dengue can be very dangerous if left unattended. Internal bleeding can happen in the liver or kidneys that can lead to death of the patient.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I just home from my medical mission in Thailand. The people there were very hospitable and very kind to accommodate us during our medical mission. We went to the hills of Thailand and perform our medical mission there. We distributed medicines, dental services and other medical needs of the people living in the area.

I was in the place where there is a rich vegetation and herbs for medical benefits are plenty. I the place where we stayed, dengue and colds were very rampant. I was suggesting tawa-tawa medicine for those people with dengue fever and for colds, I was recommending chicken hot soup with malunggay leaves for the immediate cure of colds. I did not have any hard time collecting the necessary herbal plants in the location because they were plenty and as I know, they have been using these herbs as medicines for their sickness and body ailments.

We were 10 doctors in our group and has an individual specialization in the medical field. For 10 days of medical service, 10 days of new medical discoveries discovered. I am just happy to be home and telling this medical news to all of you. I could now say, "the doctor is now in!"

Friday, November 13, 2009


I was in my doctor friend's clinic for some minor check up. I have been complaining about my stomachache for the past few days now. My friend told me to go to the hospital and have a physical check up or a thorough check of my body. he told me that the procedure that will be done to me will determine the health issue that I am complaining.

I have already signed in the hospital. By Saturday, I will be admitted in the hospital so that more test will done to me to determine my health complaining. My stomach has been aching since the last week after I drink some liquors in the birthday party of my brother's wife. After that, my stomach is in pain since then. I thought this was just a constipation but in the days go by, more and more doubts about that.

My wife told me that I should have told her earlier so that she can be with me when I will be admitted in the hospital. This is a sudden plan that even I was not aware. But I am confident that my health is okay and this is just a minor problem that can be healed by modern medicines and even herbal medicines too.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Many us are going beyond our sleeping time. Others would even extend up to the morning before going to bed. Well, these people who who experience less sleep are candidates for leukemia later on. Aside from that, they are also candidates for liver diseases in the near future because of their poor sleeping habits.

It advisable that people should be in bed, sleeping by 10 pm. It is because our liver is an organ that do self repair on its own. The repair time of our liver is from 11 pm until 3 am in the morning. If our liver cannot do self repair during the hours of its repair, then a big health problem is awaiting to explode.

Many health experts would tell their patients to sleep as early as you can. The ideal time of sleep is 8 to 9 pm at least 2 hours rest after eating in the evening. In an ocular study on individuals, people that sleep early are more healthy compared to those who sleep late. Aside from that, people that sleep early ages slower than those who stay up late. They look older for their age.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Many of us are bothered with our bad cholesterol because of our poor diet and bad habits that can lead to having a bad cholesterol. It is dangerous if we just neglect this simple problem because it might lead to other health problems and even to death.

Many dietary experts would advise to their patients to have a balance diet and sleep early. Avoid staying up late and most especially drinking of liquors and other alcoholic beverages. These things can do damage to our body and will lead to bad cholesterol. Here are some things to do to have a good health and less bad cholesterol.

1. Avoid Liquors. Liquors with alcohol damages our liver and even our kidneys as well.
2. Refrain from smoking or totally stop the bad habit of smoking.
3. Have a balance diet. Avoid eating fatty foods and food with msg.
4. Exercise regularly. It is advisable to exercise at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day.
5. Annual physical check up is advise to all. This type of check up will determine you health condition thoroughly.
6. Water is better than soft drinks, fruit juices are preferred also for it brings good body health.

There are also medicine and supplements that might help when you have already bad cholesterol. The brand reducel is a good medicine against bad cholesterol.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We all know about the therapeutic wonders that coconut water can do in taking care of our kidneys. But aside from coconut water, sayote is also good in taking care of our kidneys. To make a sayote water, these are the things needed.

sayote, chopped into quarters
500 ml water container


Place the chopped sayote in the water container and fill it up with water up the water level of the container. After combining the water and the sayote, place it inside the refrigerator for chilling effect. Drink at least 1 glass before meals. After the water is consumed, just refill the water container. The refilling of water must only be done twice. After the second refill, dispose the sayote.

The sayote contains the necessary nutrients that will help boost our kidneys' condition. it flushes out the toxins and unwanted chemical build up in the kidneys making it health and toxin free.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Dogs are said to be mans best friend. But sometimes dog bite their masters. When a case of a dog bite happens, here are the things that must be done before making any drastic moves.

1. Wash the bitten area with clean running water. Use soap in cleaning the area.
2. Observed the dog. When noticeable change in the health of the dog is observed, seek immediate vaccination for anti-rabies.
3. It would be better to have a vaccine against tetanus.
4. Never suck the bitten area and sip the blood. For that would be very dangerous. Rabies might spread instantly.
5. If condition comes to worst and the dog dies immediately after biting the patient, immediately bring the patient to the nearest medical facility for proper health care.

Rabies is a very deadly virus that can kill a person infected with it in just few minutes. For security and health, it would be better to follow the the tips.

Friday, October 16, 2009


We all do experience itchiness in our body and it really bothers us often. Itchiness can lead to skin irritation. In some cases, it leads to wounds and even into skin allergy. There are many causes of skin itchiness. It can be due to insect bites or allergy.

When itchiness is experienced, the best way to get rid of it is to apply corn starch powder or corn starch milk on the itchy area of the body. For this procedure, these are the things that we will be needing:

1. Corn Starch, 1 cup of it.
2. Water
3. Towel


1. Wash the area of the body that is itchy with water only. Avoid using soaps for it might cause an allergic reaction in the skin. it can even worsen the itchiness that is being felt.
2. Wipe the area with towel to remove the water from the skin.
3. Apply the corn starch powder on the skin. leave it there for 24 hours before rinsing it by water again. It can also be Corn Starch milk. To make starch milk, you only need to mix the powdered corn starch with water then apply on the skin.

Usually, itchiness is gone within 5 minutes after applying the corn starch on the skin Nature has its own way of dealing with skin problems. Nature is still the best doctor for all of us.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You might think that vinegar is just for the kitchen. But its not that. Vinegar has been used ever since in the herbal medicine world. it has been proven to lower temperature when somebody get fever. it has also been used as vinegar gargle for toothache. It takes the pain away in several minutes.

But aside from that, vinegar has also been proven effective facial oil control. By lower oil in our face, it helps prevent acne and pimples. Our face normally excrete oil, especially when we are expose to the sun. That is the normal reaction of our body mechanism. The oil in our face serves as a filter against dust and other harmful substance to our face. But too much of it can lead to pimples and even acne problems. To get that oil control in our face, I would suggest that we use vinegar to prevent the abnormal oil in our face.

For this procedure, we will be needing the following materials:

1. Cotton balls
2. Vinegar ( cane or coconut)
3. Towel
4. Basin of water


1. Wash face thoroughly with water. No soaps because it leads to skin irritation.
2. Rinse face and wipe it with the towel to remove the water on the face surface.
3. Wet the cotton balls with vinegar. Apply on the face surface.
4. Let the vinegar stay on the face for about 3 minutes before rinsing it again with water.
5. Dry the face by wiping it with towel.

Vinegar therapy has been proven to have positive result to patient with facial oil problem and even patients with pimples.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Many of us are experiencing stomach ache that sometimes lead to Ulcer. Stomach Ulcer is very painful. This cause by unbalanced acid in our stomach, usually due to no food intake. Others would eat sweet candy just to get ease the aching stomach and even drink lukewarm water for temporary relief from the pain the stomach Ulcer brings.

There are many antacid medicines right now in the market that are readily available for patients that are suffering from stomach ulcer. But these medicines usually take effect after several minutes before the pain is temporarily out. Drinking hot water is good but still not enough to ease the pain in the stomach.

When stomach ulcer attacks, starch milk is best to relieve the aching stomach. For this starch milk, these are the things that are needed.

1. One glass, filled with hot water.
2. 4 Tablespoons of corn starch.
3. Spoon for stirring.


1. Place the starch into the hot water in the glass, mix well to get rid of the small particles of the corn starch. It is like preparing a hot milk.
2. Stir the starch solution well using the spoon.
3. Let the patient, who is suffering from ulcer, drink it.

Stomach Ulcer is simple but can be very dangerous once we just let it be. The stomach walls might be wounded because of ulcer and that can be fatal too. When Ulcer strikes, starch milk is the best solution for that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Nowadays, medical supplements are very much available in drugstores to all people who want to have a good and health body. But beware, you might be endanger of some internal problems because of taking too much medicines as supplements to have a good body health.

It has been observed that most patients with kidney and liver problems are over exposed to taking of medicines as health supplements. As they say too much of a good can turn into bad. As advised, we should take supplements not on a regular basis. An example of that is the vitamin e. We should take vitamin e supplements every 2 days and that is the safest way to avoid kidney and liver health problems.

There are many things that we should do just to become healthy. We can take the natural or nature's way of giving us a healthy body. Supplements are good but the natural are better. Vitamin C is much better when we eat fruits. The secret of having a healthy body is living life naturally.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Have you experienced waking up in the morning and found a pimple on your face? That is a very common scenario to everybody. That can really change the day. Pimples are considered skin problems that can lead to acne stage, more complicated problem. Pimples are cause by dust and oil in our skin. The pores are blocked by the dust causing irritation and lead to swelling.

To fight pimple, you need a good toothpaste. Toothpaste has a substance that fight bacteria causing germs that can cause pimples. What you do is to apply a small part of toothpaste in the pimple and let it try. Wash skin immediately after the toothpaste dries out.

Another herbal remedy for pimples is the use of pounded garlic. What you do is to cut several cloves of garlic and pound it gently to avoid the throws. The crashed garlic is then applied to the pimple. Rinse with water after 5 minutes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Mangosteen is a one fruit that is truly delicious and full of herbal benefits for our body. Mangosteen is now being used as medical supplements due to its herbal effect to our body. The peelings of the fruit is used as a source of anti-constipation water. The peelings are dried and then boiled. The water is then cooled and will be used as substitute for water during the treatment process by people with constipation problem.

Mangosteen is now available in capsule as herbal supplements. It is also believed that the herbal supplements from mangosteen is good for those people who have high blood pressure and high blood sugar. For it is used to lower these medical problems. Doctors now advised their patients to eat at least 1 fruit a day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ampalaya is one of the famous vegetables that are available in the markets. But this famous vegetable is not famous in everyday meals. Because of the bitter taste of this vegetable, many avoid and neglect including this vegetable in their daily menu. Studies suggest that ampalaya contains a hypoglycemic polypeptide, a plan insulin responsible for its blood sugar lower effect. Eating amplaya is very healthy and has so many beneficial components that we need to make our body healthy and free from being diabetic.

This herbal medicine has been used for a long time already. People who eat ampalaya has low blood sugar compared to those people who do not eat ampalaya. As they now say, an ampalaya a day keeps the doctor away.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Having dandruff is really a big health problem. The reason behind dandruff problem is that our scalp dries out from it's normal moisturizer. Scalp moisturizer dries out because of too much heat and dust that covers the pores in our scalp. Dandruff builds up when scalp moisturizer is no longer available in our scalp. To have the scalp moisturizer back, we must get rid first of dandruff that blocks the pores in our scalp that produces scalp moisturizer.

In order to do that, we need a very the most effective herbal medicine against dandruff and that is lemonsito or Chinese lemon. Lemonsito has many herbal benefits once used. The most common dandruff can be over with the help of lemonsito.

The things that we will be needing are the following:

1. Several lemonsito fruit, cut into half.
2. Towel
3. comb


1. Wash the scalp area with clean running water. This helps take away the dust in our hair that cause dandruff.
2. Apply the lemonsito in the scalp. Leave the juice of the lemonsito stay in the scalp area for about 10 minutes.
3. Comb the hair to distribute the juice in the scalp region.
4. Rinse the scalp with water after 10 minutes and cover it with towel. For the treatment process, it would be advised not to use shampoos in our hair for it may cause dandruff problems later on.

The lemonsito treatment must be done for at least a week. A week of treatment will definitely get rid of dandruff for good.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Many are asking me about my article about the miracle of vinegar can do to patients with high fever. That is right. Vinegar is the best remedy for patient with high fever. I tried it myself and it worked in miracle.

For the vinegar rub, you will be needing the following material for making the vinegar rub.

1. 1/4 cup vinegar (cane)
2. 1/2 cup water
3. Cloth or handkerchief
4. Basin or a bucket


1. Mix vinegar and water into the basin.
2. soak the cloth or handkerchief for about 3 minutes
3. Slowly apply the vinegar mixture by wiping the arms, neck, forehead, armpits, legs and the chest area. it would also be good to rub the back of the patients with the vinegar mixture.
4. When all body parts were wiped with vinegar, place the cloth in the forehead of the patients for 20 minutes. Continue doing the rub until fever subsides.

This simple medical remedy for fever is the most effective way of recovering from fever.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Vitamin C is commonly known as the the energy vitamin. It is because Vitamin C is gives our body the energy that is needed to fight sickness and diseases that can be very harmful to our body. It also gives our body the energy boost that is needed so that we won't feel weak in our daily day to day activity.

Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits, especially that fruits that have a sour juice. But in these days, vitamin C is readily available in capsules that is widely distributed in all drugstores and medical institutions. Take Vitamin C to have a healthy body.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Having kidney stones in our kidney is very painful and agonizing to the patient who has it. For severe kidney stone problem, a surgery is performed to remove the stones and relieve the swelling in the kidney area. Usually, patients with kidney stone problem would have problem in urinating and it is very painful for them.

To relieve the pain, medical doctors would suggest to drink fresh buko juice or coconut water. For it is the best remedy for kidney stones. The fresh water coming from the buko or coconut cleanse the kidney area and removes the stone build-up in the urinal walls. Patient with kidney stone problem, drink at least 2 glass of fresh coconut or buko juice every day. Drinking fresh water from the coconut or buko is better than undergoing a surgery for the removal of the kidney stones. This is a herbal remedy against kidney stones. It is refreshing and medicinal too. Drink coconut water everyday to prevent kidney stones build up.


Working can be very stressful, especially when you do not exercise often. According to the medical foundation, most of the sickness that man is experiencing right now are stress related disease. That is why they recommend to people of all ages to have a daily exercise to promote good health and wellness to all.

The medical foundation recommends jogging as a form of exercise that will help promote good health to all. At least 20 to 30 minutes jogging will do. But they also cautioned the people to be careful when doing jogging. It is because there are some patients who get injured because of wrong jogging style. The medical foundation recommends the following things before doing jogging:

1. A good pair of Running Shoes.
2. Good jogging apparel and a sweat shirt.
3. Bring water always and put it into a bottle or jar. This is to rehydrate the body after sweating.
4. Digital stopwatch.

The shoes plays a major role in the jogging exercise. Fractures happens when a patient jogs using the wrong shoes. In selecting a good shoes, you must consider the cushioned shoes. The our feet needs protect when running and this is the type of shoes that must be used for running. But others also would prefer the stability shoes. Performance training shoes can also be used for jogging.

Remember that jogging is also a good cardio activity and is must be performed properly. it promotes healthy blood circulation. When doing the jogging, do not force your body to the limit because you might injure yourself. People who do jogging is always away from heart problems and hypertension.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In todays generation, drinking, smoking and uncontrolled food intake is very common, especially during occasions. it is just fine to have fun but we must always be conscious about what we do for it may cause health problems later on.

You heard the word dialysis? Is a term used by medical experts on patients with kidney malfunction. It is hard and very costly to patients when they do dialysis. There is exact reason why our kidneys fail but medical experts believed that is due to our poor control of food. We eat too much salty foods and other foods that can cause kidney malfunction. Food control is the key to having a good conditioned kidneys.

Liver is said to be the strainer of all the body. Even make-up that most women use has an harmful effect to our liver. To have a healthy liver we have to be careful on what we eat and use to our skin. make sure that you use things that you are not allergic or has any side effects. Having a balance diet and good health food control is the best way to protect our kidneys and liver. This two organs are very important to our body. Stay healthy and be healthy always.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hemorrhoids are multiple plexuses of varicose veins in the lower rectum or anus.

Water Treatment Using Herbal Decoctions:

1. Hit sits bath, 2 times a day.
2. Use any of one of these herbal leaves in making decoction for hot sit bath:
Kamias or Ginger Lily leaves. Boil 3 cups of chopped fresh leaves in 2 gallons of water for 10 minutes. Strain. Use decoction for the hot sit bath.
Patola or Bath Sponge Leaves. Wash and chop about 20 leaves and boil in 2 gallons of water for 10 minutes. Strain. Use decoction for the hot sit bath.

Herbal Medication:
1. Ampalaya or Bitter melon roots, fruits and seeds. Wash and chop the roots, fruits and seeds. Extract the juice and mix with oil. Use ½ cup chopped roots, fruits and seeds with 2 tablespoons of oil. Wet cotton with the amplaya-oil mixture and apply on the hemorrhoids after the hot sit bath.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Toothache is caused by tooth decay due poor dental care. People should always brush their teeth after meals to prevent tooth decay. But sometimes even how hard we try, dental problems occurs and toothache would be the next painful event that one would be experiencing. To stop toothache from bothering you, you must try vinegar gargle.

This is another natural remedy against toothache. For this treatment, you will be needing the following simple things:

1. 2 tablespoons of vinegar
2. glass
3. Water


1. Place the vinegar into the glass.
2. Gargle the vinegar. Make sure that the place where the toothache is felt must be the target of the gargle. Gargle the vinegar for just 1 minute.
3. Spit-out the vinegar and let the vinegar do the treatment in your toothache.
4. Rinse mouth with water after the vinegar gargle.

The pain would relieved for a couple of hours and that is already enough for the patient to go to the dentist to make the pain out of the system. Poor dental care is the main cause of toothache. Brushing our teeth at least three times a day is always advised to prevent tooth decay.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Many women are complaining about vaginal itch. They would use feminine wash just to get rid of the itchiness. But some vaginal wash irritates the itchy area. Instead of relieving the itchiness, it worsen the itchiness and then would lead to rashes then wounds would follow after.

Instead of using the commercial feminine wash, guava leaves is a better alternative and has no side effects on the itchy area. For this treatment, these are the things needed:

1. 10 young leaves of guava, washed with flowing water.
2. 1 liter of water


1. wash the leaves thoroughly to get the dust away from the leaves.
2. boil the leaves with the one liter of water.
3. Allow to boil at least 20 minutes before straining the leaves.
4. keep the solution and allow it cool down for about 30 minutes.
5. Wash the part where the itchiness is felt.

This treatment is for about a week before the itchiness is gone. Never reuse the solution twice. It is advisable that new solution be after two days. Unconsumed guava solution must be discarded immediately. Never reheat it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Many people diagnosed with diabetes would end up losing parts of their body, usually their legs because of the disease. Diabetes is due to no sugar control in our body. Since before, nature has been our ally in helping us with our sickness and medical problems. Ad this help for diabetes comes in an extraordinary way. That is the maggot therapy. This is a type of therapy that uses maggots as the main surgeon in helping patients with diabetes avoid losing their legs.

Certain live maggots have been trained since antiquity as an economical, safe and effective type of wound debridement (cleaning). In controlled and sterile settings by licensed medical practitioners, maggot therapy introduces live, disinfected maggots into non-healing skin or soft wounds of a human or other animal. They eat the dead old tissue, leaving the live tissue alone. It is uncertain if maggot secretions have any effect on bacterial growth, since different studies have produced contradictory results, and some species of bacteria may be naturally resistant to maggot secretions. As of 2008, maggot therapy was being used in around 1,000 medical centers in Europe and over 800 medical centers in the United States. This therapy has made wonders and help patients in their battle against the dreaded diabetes.

What they do is they place small maggots into the wound area. Maggots eat and clean the wound before bacteria starts coming in and when that comes, amputation is the best option to avoid gangrene of the wound. There is really a big change in the wound. The healing process is fast compared to drug treatment of the wound. Many diabetic patients would prefer this therapy because of the fine result. Wounds are cured and they don't lose any part of their body, especially their legs in the process.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Dengue fever is now causing problem. In the latest news, there have been many reported dengue cases in the country today. Early signs of dengue are the following: fever, dizziness, vomiting, loss of appetite and the rashes in the skin. Most patient detect dengue fever when it is already full blown case. This is usually seen when blood comes out from the nose and sometimes in the eyes of the patient. Dengue fever is caused by a mosquito bite.

When a patient is diagnosed with dengue, the best remedy would be the boiled tawa-tawa grass. The boiled water is cooled and then given to the patients with dengue fever. One to two glasses of boiled water from the tawa-tawa grass would immediately increase the platelets of the patient. Many hospitals are now using tawa-tawa boiled water as a remedy for dengue fever. This is the most effective way of dealing with dengue fever. Recover period would be around 3-4 days.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Ringworm is an infection of the skin, hair and nails with various fungi, producing ring-like lesions with raised borders.

Water treatment Using Herbal Decoctions
1. Daily bath with bayabas or guava leaves decoction. Boil 10 cups of chopped fresh leaves in ½ gallon of water for 15 minutes. Add enough cold water to fill up one big pail after straining. Bathe with this decoction while still hot.
2. Tabako Leaves decoction shampoo (if head and hair are affected). Boil 10 leaves of fresh tabako leaves in ½ gallon of water for 15 minutes. Cool and drain. Add enough water to fill up a 3-gallon pail. Shampoo hair with decoction, once a day until healed.
3. Kamatigui or touch me not balsam compress or poultice. Crush 5-10 kamatigui or touch me not balsam flower. Amount depends upon the size of the infection. Crush flowers until juice is extracted. Apply directly over the infected part as compress for 30 minutes, 2 times a day.
4. Bawang or Garlic cloves. Peel and crush one clove of bawang or garlic and rub it on the affected area until it gets red. Apply 2 times a day: in the morning after morning bath and in bedtime.
5. Adelfa bark and leaves. Chop a one-foot long branch. Mix with one cup chopped fresh young leaves. Mix the juice with 5 drops of fresh coconut oil. Apply on affected parts, 3 times a day.
6. Akapulko or ringworm bush leaves. Crush 5 leaves. Rub the juice on the affected areas, 2 times a day.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Inhalation of warm, moist air into the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

1. Relieves inflammation and congestion of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.
2. Relieves irritation (throat tickle) by moistening the air.
3. Loosens secretions and stimulates expectoration.
4. Relieves spasmodic breathing.
5. Relaxes muscles and thus relieves coughing.
6. Prevents excessive dryness of the mucous membranes.

Things Needed:
1. Boiling water in a kettle with spout. An empty juice can may serve the purpose.
2. Hot plate of gas stove or local stove using charcoal.
3. Vicks Vaporub ointment or tincture of Benzoin or Camphor oil for good smelling sensation.
4. Old newspaper.
5. Umbrella.
6. Sheets.
7. Paper Bag

1. Fill kettle with water just below the level of the spout, and bring the water to boiling point. Add 1 tsp of medication (Vicks or Benzoin) into the boiling water.
2. Carry the stove and the kettle with caution near the bedside of the patient, if the patient is unable to stand or sit on the chair.
3. If croup tent is indicated, open an umbrella over the head of the patient and cover it with a sheet to form a tent.
4. With the newspaper make a cylindrical tube direct to the steam into the tent away from the patient’s face.
5. If the patient is able to sit on the chair, he may sit near the stove in the kitchen. With the cylindrical tube of paper the steam is directed into the patient’s face for inhalation.
6. Treatment time: 30 minutes to one hour, morning and evening, as tolerated.

1. Avoid all risks of burning.
2. Avoid drafts during time of treatment. Close windows near the patient.
3. Extra care must be observed when giving treatment to children and restless patients to avoid scalding.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Heart attack and stroke are two most known killers in this modern time. In various countries, people are taking the healthy habit of eating nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables and medicinal supplements that would make their bodies healthy. But still they are still victims of the heart attack-stroke disease. Prevention is better than cure and mother nature has it's own natural remedy to avoid heart attack and stroke from killing a person instantly. Celery juice is the most effective way of preventing heart attack and stroke before it creeps into ones health.

For the Celery juice, these are the things that we will be needing:

1. 1 kilo of celery
2. Juicer
3. water

Herbal Procedure:

1. Chop the celery parts into small sizes, enough to fit in the fruit juicer.
2. Place the vegetable into the fruit juicer and extract the juice from the celery vegetable and add the enough water to be able to have a juice.
3. Drink the celery juice at least 3 times a day or every before meals.

Celery Juice is also an effective herbal medicine to lower blood pressure and even lower the risk of a person to have a kidney problems. Celery juice is also good fro those people who wants to lower their weight.


Athlete’s foot (dermatophytosis) is an eruption on the skin characterized by the formation of itchy small vesicles with cracking and scaling on the hands and feet, especially between the toes.

Preventive Measures:

1. Keep feet and toes always clean and dry.
2. Always wear clean and dry socks and shoes.
3. Don’t wear other’s slippers, sneakers, socks and shoes. Don’t let others wear your footwear.
4. Don’t go barefoot in the bathrooms. Wear your own rubber slippers in public bathrooms, swimming pools and riverbeds.
5. If your feet are infected, put your slippers and shoes under the sun for an hour every day for one whole week when it is not use.

Herbal remedy:

1. Vinegar wash. Soak your feet for a couple of minutes in a vinegar and water solution. Rinse and wipe thoroughly until dry.
2. Cassava flour powder. Powder your feet with cassava flour every time you will be leaving your house.
3. Tawas Powder. This is also another option that you can do. Tawas powder removes the foul smell from your feet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Cervical cancer is said to be the no. 1 major killer when it comes to cancer cases on women. Cervical cancer is caused by the HPV or the human papillomavirus. The key to this type of cancer is the early detection before it spreads widely and unstoppable. Pap smear is the test that is perform in order to detect the human papillomavirus. Vaginal bleeding, this is the most common symtoms but in advance stages the viginal bleeding is not evident and when detected in is already unstoppable. Surgical operation is done when in the early stages. But in advance stages patients must undergo the chemotherapy and the radiotherapy.

There is a vaccine available for this type of cancer. Pap smear is said to be done in order to find out if a woman has the cancer or not. But the problem is that this type of procedure is quite expensive, especially for those women living in the under developed countries. That is why there is an alternative test as a substitute for the pap smear procedure and that is called the VIA or the Visual Inspection with Acetic acid. This is also equally accurate and safe to administer to patients. This is nature's way of helping us in dealing with this type of cancer. The early detection is the key to stop the spread of this type of cancer. When tried and resulted to negative, it is advised to do the procedure again after 3 to 5 years. This type pf procedure is advised by the Department of Health, especially those who are living in the third world countries.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The are many kinds of medicines right now that caters to our different skin problems. There are also surgery made to make the process fast, especially for those who are in a hurry. But actually our skin problems are easy to deal about with the help of mother nature. Let us enumerate the types of skin problems and mother nature's natural medicine to cure these skin problems.

1. Wrinkles. This type of skin problem is the result of aging and too much exposure to sunlight. For wrinkles, an avocado mud is advised to patients. First is to get at least 2 ripe avocados scrape the fruit out. Mash the fruit well and apply it in your face before sleeping. Others would leave the mash fruit in their face. Do this for a month and see the result.

2. Eye bags. Eye bags is caused by too late of sleeping and sometimes over work or stress factor can cause it. For this, we will need some cucumber slices. Place the slices in our eyes as we go to sleep. Eye covers will also be helpful in keeping the cucumber slices as we sleep. Do this herbal way for at least a week and see a good result after wards.

3. Oily Skin. Well this can be caused by to much exposure to dust and heat. Our skin produces natural oils as protection against the dust. To control the oil from our face, we need to wash our face at least three times a day with water. others would use soap and that is just fine. But water therapy would be advisable.

4. Pimples. Pimples is the end product of oily skin. That is why wee need to wash our face with clean water to flush out the dirt and dust from our face.

5. Underarm Odor. Well this is very common to people who sweat to much. Sweating can cause body odor. To get rid of it, lemonsito or lemon rub is advised. The juice from the lemon is applied in the armpit and let it dry. Always wear clean and fresh shirts and clothes to avoid body odor. Never use others shirt for this can also lead to body odor.

6. Scabies. This type of skin disorder is caused by germs that lead to itchiness and rashes. The herbal way to dealing with it is by using the guava leaves soak and bath. We will be needing 10 or more guava leaves and boil them in water. The more water the better. Wash the area with scabies and let it dry. Scabies will be gone in no time.

7. Skin Itchiness. There are many cause of itchiness, sometimes it is caused by allergies and insect bites. For easing the itchiness, starch bath is very much advised. Get cassava starch and mix it with water. When the cassava starch has totally dissolved in the water, use the water in cleaning the itchy area of our body. Guaranteed to get the itch out.

There are other skin problems that can be solved by mother nature. Let nature work by allowing herbal methods in dealing with our skin problems and more.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Many people right now are getting infected with the dengue fever. This fever starts by a single bite of the mosquito known as Aedes albopictus mosquito. This mosquito is the carrier of the dengue hemorrhagic fever. The typical signs of this kind of very is the inconsistent fever that comes and goes, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint paints and rashes. In severe cases, there is blood coming out from the nose and internal bleeding is very common and can kill a patient before it is detected as dengue.

As the fist aid for this fever, medical institutions would immediately put the patient in dextrose mode. Patients would lose their appetite on eating leading to body weakness and to death. Patient with inconsistent fever should immediately go to the nearest medical institution. Dengue is also given the name break bone fever for its effect to the body. You lose your strength and you become total bed-patient because of the dengue fever.

It is not much documented how tawa-tawa grass can solve dengue fever, faster than medicines. I have seen many patients that were cured and recovered fast because of the tawa-tawa grass. What they do is the following:

1. get several tawa-tawa grass.

2. Boil the grass for at least 20-30 minutes.

3. Remove the grass parts from the boiled water. Usually the water would have a brown color because of the grass.

4. Let the patient drink the boiled water, one glass every 2 hours.

After drinking the tawa-tawa water, you will instantly see the platelet count of the patient to increase gradually. Dengue fever lowers the platelet count of the blood. That is why some patients would be required blood transfusion. In the Philippines, many people are making use of this alternative method of curing Dengue fever. Nature has it's own remedy for our ailments and tawa-tawa grass is one of them to cure debgue fever.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The many people right now that are having problem with their weight. There are two major reasons why people get fat fast. The first would be, the FOOD in take and the second would be BODY FACTOR.

Food is the most common reason why people become fats easily. It is because they eat too much. I good food becomes bad when we over eat. Fatty foods must be avoided and food with high carbohydrates. Body factor would mean the body's rate of metabolism is slow compared to others. People with this condition must eat food at least five hours before sleeping. And food with high carbohydrates must be avoided and fatty food too.

Here are some easy tips to lose some fats the easy way:

1. Exercise regularly. At least 45 minutes walk around the park would do. It allows you to sweat and burn some fats out of your body.
2. Eat a balance diet. Avoid over eating of foods. Stay away from sweets and fatty foods.
3. Fruit juice is advisable because it fasten the metabolism rate of our body. Avoid drinking too much of soft drinks and colas. For these drinks contains too much sugar.
4. Drink lukewarm water rather than cold ones.
5. Engage into sports. I would advise to play chess. It has been proven that players that play chess maintains a good body condition. Just avoid stress.
6. Drink green tea after meals for it has been proven to fasten the metabolism rate of our body.

Sunday, May 17, 2009



A partial emersion bath covering the pelvic and the anal areas.

1. Relieves pain after rectal operation.
2. Hastens healing and cleaning of the operated area.
3. Relives cramps and spasms in the pelvic region and urinary bladder.
4. Stimulates pelvic circulation.
5. Relaxes urinary bladder.

Things needed:
1. One large basin-deep enough for a person to sit in.
2. One smaller basin with ice or cold water and compress.
3. One towel, long enough to go around the head.
4. One smaller basin for the footbath.
5. A sheet or blanket for wrapping around the body.
6. One Bath towel.
7. One large kettle for boiling of water.
8. One chair or stool.

1. Boil water in large kettle.
2. Put the large basin on the chair or on the floor, with small amount of water, hot enough for the patient to sit in it.
3. Remove clothing, underwear and under dressings if there are any. Drape with sheet or blanket.
4. Assist the patient to sit on the basin, placing the feet in the smaller basin of hot water.
5. Apply cold compress on the forehead and gradually add hot water to the hot sits basin and the foot basin, increasing the water temperature to the patient’s tolerance. Stir the water with hand as you add hot water. Be careful not to pour hot water on the patient’s buttocks and feet.
6. Renew cold compress to the head as often as you can. Continue adding hot water for from 20 to 30 minutes.
7. At the end of the treatment, pour cold water to the hot sits bath basin. Raise the feet and pour cold water to the feet and dry well.
8. Assist the patient out of the basin and give warm shower or sponge bath.
9. Let patient rest and keep warm after treatment.

Note: Hot sits bath is best done in the bathroom for the floor is likely to get wet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Many of us experience high blood pressure and hypertension. These thing are the start of a deadly stroke attack or cardiac arrest that is said to be the no. 1 killer today. Nobody is safe from this because even the young people can acquire this. Hypertension, high blood pressure and cardiac arrest can be avoided or even prevented. In recent studies shows that stress and overweight can lead to hypertension and high blood pressure or worst cardiac arrest. In order to avoid this, people are advised to do the following things to be safe.

1. Get enough sleep at night. It is advisable to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is very important for our body.

2. Eat a balance diet. Avoid salty and fatty foods. Fruits and vegetables are ideal.

3. Avoid too much exposure to the heat of the sun. Too much exposure to the sun harmful rays can lead to heat stroke.

4. Drink water as often as you can. Water hydrates our body and will allow good flow of the blood.

5. Vitamins and supplements are also good.

6. Goat's meat is better than beef. Beef meat contains many cholesterol and fats. Fish is very good substitute to pork and beef meet. Fresh catch is better than frozen fish.

With all these things, one can stay healthy and keep the body in good condition. A good body means away from hypertension and high blood pressure.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The introduction of mater into the colon to stimulate bowel activity and to cleanse the bowels.

1. Stimulate peristalsis or bowel activity.
2. Cleanses the colon, usually done before test and x-rays of the colon or any of the abdominal organs.
3. Relieves gas pain.

Things needed:
1. Enema can be with tubing or rectal tip.
2. Lubricant (oil or mild soap)
3. Toilet paper.
4. Plastic sheet or old newspaper.
5. Salt-1 tablespoon for a liter or about 4 cups of water.
6. Towels.
7. Bedpan if patient is unable to go to the toilet.
8. Bedside commode.

1. Enema can be given in bed or in padded floor if bedroom is far from the toilet bowl.
2. Give privacy to the patient if done outside of the bedroom.
3. Place the plastic sheet or newspaper under the patient’s buttocks.
4. Turn the patient on the left side with knees flexed. Cover the patient, exposing only the rectal area.
5. Fill up the enema can with warm water, and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Allow the solution to flow through the tubing to remove the air before inserting the rectal tip.
6. Lubricate the rectal tip with oil or mild soap to make it easy to insert.
7. Insert lubricated rectal tip into the rectum allowing the water to flow slowly into the colon. The height of the can should only be 11/2 feet or 18 inches from the patient’s rectum.
8. Control the rate and pressure of the solution going into the rectum raising and lowering the enema can slowly. If the patient complains of a desire to expel the fluid, stop the flow for a few seconds by pinching the tubing and let the patient open his mouth. Let him breathe through the mouth and relax.
9. As much as possible let him hold all the solution in as long as he can before expelling the water.
10. Remove the enema tip slowly and wrap it with tissue paper. Assist patient in the toilet or give a bedpan if unable to go to the toilet bowl.
11. Observe the return flow for the effect of the enema.
12. Repeat procedure until all solution is gone or until the return flow is clear.
13. Wash and dry patient and make him comfortable. Observe patient’s condition and reaction.
14. Clean up the area, wash and boil the enema can, tubing and rectal tip before putting it away. Be sure the rubber tubing is dry before keeping it.

Enemas should not be given freely. Unless indicated and ordered by the physician, it will do more harm than good.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Herbal Medication for mild Bleeding

1. Young Banana leaves. Pound the young leaves until soft and juicy. Drop the juice over the wound. Apply with pressure on the pounded leaves over the wound. Bandage snugly but not too tight. If bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, bring the patient to the nearest hospital or clinic for proper treatment.

2. Mayana Leaves. Wash the young leaves. Crush and extract the juice from the leaves. Drop few drops of the juice directly on the wound. Apply the crushed leaves as poultice. Bandage snugly but not too tightly to interfere with circulation


INFLUENZA is the most common sickness that we can get in this time. Many of us get this easily and it would last for about 3 to 5 days. Being sick and lying in the bed is not easy. We must be healthy and the only way to get away from acquiring influenza is by doing the following things:

1. Eat well-balanced foods.
2. Always wash your hands with clean water and soap. It would be good to use alcohol based hand sanitizers.
3. Stay away from people with influenza.
4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
5. Vitamins and supplements would be good.
6. Always drink water at least 8 glasses a day. This would flush away our body toxins that can cause influenza.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There is a swine flu detection that is widely used by countries. They call it thermal detection device. In this device, swine flu patients can be detected because their fever will be registered in the machine as heat. After detection, the patient will be immediately quarantined to prevent the spread of the flu to the people around. This kind of device is usually seen in the airports and bus stations, where there are many people passing by.

Swine flu is spreading rapidly fast. Many countries around the world is making their preventive measures to ensure that there will be no swine flu people entering their country. For people with suspected swine flu, it would be best to seek medical attention immediately.

Friday, May 1, 2009


The swine flu is getting bigger and bigger each day. Many people living in Mexico are now being treated in hospitals because of the swine flu. It is already declared an outbreak and many countries around the world are preventing the flu from entering their country. The swine flu is something that was already around but we reacted late. Many people died because of the swine flu and if this outbreak continues, there will be more bodies counting.

The swine flu starts like just a typical influenza and has a rapid effects in the internal organs. Early signs would be coughing, runny nose and fever. People with this kind of symptoms should immediately go to the nearest medical institution for check up. These are the things to be done to prevent from being a victim of the swine flu.

1. Always eat a balance diet and exercise would be a great advantage.
2. Never go close to any animals, who could be a carrier of the flu.
3. Multivitamins and supplements would be also good.
4. Never get expose to people with colds and other signs of the flu.
5. Wear a face mask and other protective suit.
6. Avoid direct contact with patients with swine flu already.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Salt Gargle is a process of letting hot salt solution roll in the throat for a few seconds.

1. Relieves throat congestion.
2. Relaxes throat muscles.
3. Reduces inflammation.
4. Relieves throat itchiness.
5. Relieves sore throat.

Things needed:

1. Two glasses of hot water.
2. One teaspoonful of salt
3. One teaspoon.


1. add 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a glass of hot water. Temperature should be as hot as can be tolerated for drinking. Stir with teaspoon till salt is dissolved.
2. Salt gargle should be done in the bathroom sink.
3. Sip enough water and let it roll freely in the throat for a few seconds before spitting the water out into the sink.
4. Continue the procedure of throat gargle till all glasses of salt solution is consumed.
5. If sore throat is severe with harsh voice, salt gargle may be repeated evry two hours when awake.
6 Throat gargle is best done after meals.
7. For best result, don't drink cold drinks until sore throat is healed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The busy day form work can be very tiring, especially when you have to work almost 8 hours day. it is said that stress is the main cause of heart attack and strokes. It is also the main cause why many people have high blood pressure.

People with this kind of condition should always visit a physician for check ups and medicine prescription, if necessary. But stress can be solved by getting enough rest or sleep. It is advisable that every person must have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is the best way to battle stress and be healthy always.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Herpes simplex is an acute viral disease, characterized by groups of vesicles or small blisters. Commonly recurrent, herpes is at times seen in small places it was seen before.

Water treatments using herbal decoctions

1. Daily bath with warm water using bath soap.
2. Kalatsutsi juice. Extract juice from the leaves. Apply directly on the lesions, 3 times a day.
3. Adelfa bark and leaves. Mix well 1 cup of chopped leaves and bark with 2 tablespoons of oil. Apply on lesions, 3 times a day.
4. Akapulko leaves. Extract the juice from the leaves. Apply on the lesions, 3 times a day.
5. Singkamas seeds. pound or grind fine 10 seeds and boil in 2 tablespoons of oil for 5 minutes. Apply the oil on the lessions, 3 times a day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


When the weather is like this, cough can easily be acquired by anybody. For patients with cough and starting to have cough. I would suggest that you use the Lagundi leaves for cough remedy. Lagundi leaves is very much accepted as a herbal medicines. Some pharmaceuticals even made a caough syrup from the leaves extract from the Lagundi leaves. For cough remedy, we will be needing the following:

1. 10 leaves of Lagundi
2. water
3. pot


Place all the qo leaves of lagundi on the pot and fill with around 5 glasses of water. Let it boil for about 10-15 minutes. Starin the leaves from the water. Place the water on a jar or bottle. The solution made will be taken by the patient 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. For children, the same measurement will be appleid for an effective result and get that cough away immediately.

Monday, April 20, 2009


It is common for all people to grow old. This is nature and when we grow old, our youthful beauty will be gone. Wrinkles will be very visible. But the aging process can be lessen with the following things to be done.

1. Sleep as often as you can. It has been observed people who often sleep, looks younger and fresh compared to those who are active and awake always.
2. Do not sleep late. Sleeping late can be the cause of stress and even fatigue.
3. Take plenty of water and avoid direct hit from the sun. Sun screen is very ideal when going out.
4. Eat less fatty foods and fruits are very good to eat. Avoid eating junk foods and never drink any liquors.
5. Vitamin E is very helpful in keeping that young look longer. But do not take vitamin e always. make it every other day.
6. Exercise often.
7. Always consult a dermatologist for any skin problems.
8. Milk bath is very ideal to lower the rate of aging.

Nobody wants to grow old fast. With this 8 ways, I am sure that youthful look will remain with you longer compared to others who do not follow the 8 ways.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dogs are considered as man's best friend. Aside from that, dogs are the most common carrier of rabies. Rabies is a viral neuroinvasive disease that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation or swelling of the brain) in warm-blooded animals. it is very deadly. In just minutes a patient with a rabies virus in his/her system dies immediately. When a dog bites you, you must do the following;

1. Immediately wash the bitten area with soap and flowing water. By doing this, we get rid of the saliva of the dog that is left in the bitten area.
2. Immediately catch the dog and place it in a cage for observation. Usually when a dog is a carrier of rabies, once it bites a person it will slowly lose its good health condition and eventually will die. Once the dog becomes ill, it means that the person bitten is already infected with the virus called rabies.
3. Bring the patient immediately to the nearest medical institution for anti-rabies shots. In health centers, the shots are for free.

These three procedures are very essential in saving a person bitten by a carrier of rabies.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I used to have headaches before when I was still in college. But its been 8 years it has gone back again to me. I already applied some liniment to my head to take away the pain. But it is still there. I guess I needed to go the doctor for a check-up. I also took some medicines for it but still the pain is there. I guess a good night rest will do the trick on this headache. I better go to sleep early.

Monday, April 13, 2009


The evening primrose oil is an oil extracted from evening primrose plant with a scientific name of Oenothera plant. This plant is widely grown in Europe, Asia, North and South America regions. The plant was primarily used as house ornamentals. But is a good herb with a medicinal value. The roots and shoots are eaten as salads be people and has a good effect on them.

Medicinal effects of taking evening primrose oil:

1. It serves as an acne control in our skin
2. Treatment for liver Cirrhosis.
3. It helps alcohol dependent person get the bad habit away.
4. It lowers high blood pressure and it is a good herbal medicine in lower cholesterol in our body.
5. Obesity, hyperacidity and even schizophrenia can be treated by taking evening primrose oil.
6. It is also good in improving the cervical fluid on women who wants to have a baby. But the oil varies from each individual.

There are studies that can prove the herbal effects of taking evening primrose oil. The oil is now being commercialized in gel capsules, more convenient to people who would like to take this plant oil.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Cancer is one of the most feared disease. Almost 90% diagnosed with cancer dies. There are still no cure for this disease and the current medical solution is chemotherapy. Cancer is a very expensive disease and no immediate solution. The early detection is better than going through the hard treatment of chemotherapy. Anybody can be a victim of cancer.

There was a study that carrots are the source of the medicine for cancer. But that study is still ongoing right now. As we speak, thousands of cancer patients die each day. The pharmaceutical companies are racing against each other in developing the medicine for cancer. They had predicted that cancer will be a threat no more by 2020. I just home that the medicine will be discovered before the said year to prevent more lives from being taken by cancer.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Guava leaves has been used for centuries as a medicine for wounded people. In old times after a war, guava leaves are pounded and the pounded leaves are placed in the wound to prevent the wound from infection. In the southeast Asia, guava leaves are used as poultice after a circumcision. It is because the juice from the leaves is an effective antiseptic. For this procedure we will be needing the following.

1. Guava leaves, 10-15 pieces, freshly picked from the guava tree,
2. bottle for pounding.
3. knife
4. cloth


Chop the leaves of the guava into small pieces. Pound the leaves using the bottle. Slow pounding is advisable for it will not crash the leaves totally. When the leaves are already pounded, place the pounded leaves into the wound of the patient. Leave the poultice on the wound and wrap it with the cloth. Leave the poultice for about 24 hours and replace it with a new and fresh guava leave poultice. The healing of the wound will be fast and infection-free wound will be healed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Chicken pox is an acute contagious disease. It is principally afflicts children and is caused by the varicella virus. It is characterized by a superficial eruption of transparent macular vesicles which appear in successive crops on different parts of the body.

Water treatments

1. Fever sponge bath or continuous cold compress to the head for fever.
2. Warm shower or warm sponge bath daily. Do not rub on lesions.
3. Give plenty of fruit juices and water to the patient during waking hours.

Note: Insulate the patient in a room, if possible, to prevent the spread of the disease to other members of the family.

Herbal Medication

Balimbing leaves. Crush or chop young leaves and extract the juice. Apply the juice on the skin or lesions to relieve the itchiness, 3 times a day. Don't rub the juice on the skin.

Lagundi leaves. Boil 4 tablespoons of chopped lagundi leaves or 6 tabelspoons of chopped fresh levaes in 2 glass of water for 15 minutes. Dosage: adult - 1 cup every 4 hours. Children - 1 tablespoon for babies, 2-6 yrs old, 1/4 cup, every 4 hours, 7-12 yrs, 1/2 cup, every 4 hours.


Dengue fever or much known as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). This kind of fever is very common in the tropical countries. Usually people get this kind of fever by the bite of mosquito, Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, the type that feeds during morning.

The herbal medicine can solve dengue easily. With the use of the Tawa-tawa grass, dengue can be easily cured, faster than the modern medicines. What you do is that you boil the tawa-tawa grass in a casserole. The boiled extract water is taken by patient by drinking it. It may taste a bitter but the result would be very evident. The platelet count would improve and fever will lower until it is gone.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


In records, there are 5% of women around the world has this kind of disorder. It may sound simple but it is more complicated than that. This endocrine disorder is the main cause of infertility among women during their productive age. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome's cause still undetermined and the for this disorder is the insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity is correlated to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

For those women who are diagnosed with this kind of disorder, the following are much recommended and must be followed.

1. Since obesity is said to be related to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, lower your body weight. You can lower your body weight by eating less fatty foods and exercising regularly is advised. Tea and other fruit juices are also good for lowering one's body weight. Crash diet is strongly disallowed. it may cause another problem.

2. People with diabetis are very at risk of this disorder, I suggest that you take supplements. Ampalaya vegetable is one good vegetable that will lower your blood sugar.

3. Eat less carbohydrate rich foods. In asian countries, rice is the main source of carbo. I suggest that eat less of that. Sugar rich breads and other sweet candies, including chocolates, must be avaoided.

4. Visit your doctor often. This is for monitoring purposes of your body.

Many would think that this is a disorder that cannot be cured. But there is still a cure for this disorder and the early detection is good. See your doctor immediately for medical assistance.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Many are wondering why there are people who are fat and others have a healthy and ideal body. Basically the reason behind it is body's metabolism. When a person has a slow metabolism, that person becomes fat. But being fat is not really a problem. others would take a crash diet just have a good body. Because of this, many people suffer from anorexia. This is very evident in models in New York, Paris, Milan, Japan and other fashion centers in the world.

To get a healthy body, one need not to experience crash diet or starving one to death. All you need it to eat less high carbohydrate food, especially at night. A gym work out is ideal. But basically when you take less food you gain less fats. Instead of sodas and soft drinks, fresh fruit juice is best.

There are three meals in the morning. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat plenty during breakfast and lunch. Eat half of what you eat at dinner. There's an old belief that eating after 6 pm makes us fat. In my experience, it would be best not to eat after 7 pm. Do not sleep after eating. Let your body's metabolism do it's digesting job part you will have a good and healthy body.

Just a pointer. Playing chess is very ideal when you want to lose some weight. I have so many friends who tried it and they slimmed down.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Mangostene is one of the fruits that the is very common today. Aside from the tasty fruit for the stomach, it is also a good source of antioxidants and lowers the risk of a person against diseases. There is is available fruit tea and supplements made from mangostene fruit. According to patients who already took the supplements said that there is really positive result. The feel good and energetic. Their immune system is boost by the mangostene supplements. It is better to eat mangosteen a day as a change to apple. The only problem is that mangosteen is a seasonal fruit still. But with the medical breakthrough from the fruit, mangosteen will be available whole year round.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I used to live in a town in Davao Oriental, where people religiously follow the herbal medicine to relieve their illnesses. When stomachache happens, they use tuba-tuba or Jatropa Curcas, as their solution to the pain. What they do is, they first make the patient relax and let the patient drink lukewarm water for the stomach. Then they get several leaves of tuba-tuba and they steam it for at least 10 seconds. Then they place the leaves in the stomach area of the patient and wrap it with clean cloth. They let the wrap stay there for 2 hours. Usually, the patient sleeps when the procedure is applied. When the patient wakes up, the pain in the stomach is relieved by the tuba-tuba leaves wrap.

Monday, March 9, 2009


The are many people who experience having warts in their face or in their body. Warts grow in numbers and some would go to the dermatologist just to take the warts out from the surface of their skin. Removing warts can be very tiring and costly too for the patient. Removing warts can be very easy and costless compared to going to the dermatologist. With the help of cashew nuts, warts will be gone. Cashew nuts have this special oil that once extracted, it is the best medicine against warts. The oil is placed on a cotton bud and applied to the wart or warts. In one week time, warts will be gone. You will have a healthy and beautiful skin. The oil can be extracted by a low heat fire and place the cashew nuts in a deep pan. This easy health tip is very effective and proven positive results to many patients.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Influenza is an infectious disease that affects birds and mammals. This is very common and the symptoms are chilling, fever and coughing. Influenza is commonly referred as flu. When we are infected with this disease, the doctor would advice us to have a good rest. Usually, the resting would be two to three days for a full recovery from flu.

Having a flu is not really a big problem, since there are many over the counter medicines that one can buy to fight flu. But the best way to fight flu is by preventing it to hit you. There is now in the market the answer to influenza or flu. The Flu Vaccine is now available in the market. With this vaccine, nobody will be infected with this viral disease. The vaccine comes in two forms. One is injection form or Flu Shots and the other one is by nasal spray or FluMist. Both forms are very effective way to prevent influenza before it infect us.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, cancer patients are growing in numbers and counting. Many said that the disease is hereditary but I beg to disagree. Many of today's patients are experiencing cancer for the first time in their family. There are so many treatment that a patient must undergo chemotherapy just to kill the cancer cells from growing. Let us go back in time and recall past events that might be a big help in solving cancer forever. In the past, people rely on traditional medicines in curing their diseases and health problems. Cancer is not yet present at that time. It was just this generation that the first patient be diagnosed with this problem. Traditional medicines were ofetn used and it has proved to solved their health problems. Cancer might have an old name that is now called cancer. In the past, Virgin Coconut Oil was alredy the best medicine and prevention medicine. It was used for stomach pain, headache and other sickness. There were several accounts that virgin coconut oil prevents the spread of cancer, in modern medical term. There are some proof to this and many can attest to this. But many doctors disapprove it. They still believe that chemotherapy is the best way to solve cancer.


Beta Carotene is one of the best defense to fight against cancer cells. Carrots is the said to be the best source of this vitamin. In preparing a juice made of carrots, it has been observed that the peelings are taken away from the vegetable. Which is very wrong you you want to have this vitamin. I suggest that when cooking and making fruit juice from carrots, let the peelings remain. With this, you are assured that beta carotene stays in you vegetable food and carrot juice. Many of my friends and clients are following my instructions. Prevention is better than cure, if there is for cancer. Having enough beta carotene in our body prevents the cancer cells from destroying the good cells in our body.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Summer is finally here and during summer time, sore eyes is a common problem to arise. The early signs of sore eyes is the accumulation of eye dirt and eye redness. Having a sore eyes is not easy it is because you cannot see well and your visual is hampered by the eye irritation. Looking at the patient with sore eyes will not infect you. The only way of transmission is by hand contact. Our hands are the road to being infected with this eye problem. In order to prevent the spread of the problem, hand washing is regularly and advisable. Having a clean hands will prevent the spread. It is also advisable to avoid using things, especially things used for visuals like eyeglasses, eye contact lenses and other things. By this, you are assured that you wont get infected with sore eyes. Washing our hands with soap and water is the best defense against sore eyes.

Friday, February 20, 2009


People who are sick usually has a high fever. That is normal because having fever is an indication that we are sick. To get well, we usually take medicines to lower our fever until normal temperature. But instead of taking medicine, we can also use vinegar as an alternative to fever medicines. Vinegar is wide used to lower body temperature, especially when having a fever.

Things needed:
1. Cup vinegar (cane or coconut)
2. Face towel (clean)
3. Water and a basin

1. Wipe the patient's body with the towel wet with water. This cleans the surface of the patient's body for vinegar application.
2. Using the basin filled with 2 glasses of water mix the one cup of vinegar and soak the face towel.
3. Wipe the patient with the face towel that was soak on water and vinegar solution. The key areas are the legs, arms and armpits, neck and the forehead. repeat the the same procedure every 2 hours until fever has cool down. In severe cases, bring the patient to the nearest hospital immediately if fever does not cool down. The vinegar solution is the best first aid treatment that you can do to patients with fever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Most of us are not gifted with clean and white underarm. Many of us have dark underarm. To solve this problem, many would go to their dermatologist and have an underarm whitening session that cost much. But having a dark underarm is really not a problem. You don't need to spend much money just to get that underarm white and presentable. Let nature do it's job and see a big difference. All you need is a lemonsito or lemon. With this you can make that dark underarm disappear forever. Just follow the following procedure that I will be telling you.

Things needed:
1. Lemon or lemonsito.
2. knife
3. gloves

1. Cut the lemon in half.
2. Make sure that you are wearing a gloves to protect your hands from the juice.
3. Rub the lemon into your dark underarm. Do this for at least 2 weeks.

This method is proven to get rid of dark underarm. You can save your money from paying medical professional fee by just doing this simple procedure. My wife has been doing this procedure and I really saw the big difference. After 2 weeks, you will see a big difference.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I used to use facial soaps on my face to clean it from the dust and dirt that can cause pimples. But I noticed that my face gets irritated by the soap that I am using. I tried to shift to another brand of soap and even the mildest one but still pimples continue to show on my face. I even used astringents but it only aggravates the irritation on my skin. I have a sentitive skin so I stopped using soaps instead I used only water to cleanse my face. At first, it has kind of sticky because I was not yet used to water alone. But as I constantly do it, I was able to adobt the water only to my face. I observed that my face was cleared from pimples and acne because of it. Washing my face three times a day with water alone is enough to get rid of pimples. Until know, I only use water on my face. No more soap for it can irritate our skin. You will notice the difference after 1 month of using water alone. Water Therapy really is good when you have pimples. This is the best remedy for pimple problems.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Iodine is a very important to our body. There are others who lack this nutrient would result to goiter, especially on women. To get the much needed iodine for our body, Malunggay is the best source of it. Malunggay is called horse raddish tree in english. It's leaves are boiled as part of a soup and eaten. Malunggay is just one of the many vegetables that can give iodine for our body. Goiter can be prevented and the best way to preventing it is by having iodine. The best souce for iodine is by eating malunggay leaves. In the provinces, malunggay soup is part of everyday meals.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I visited a tribal site in the mountain regions of Mindanao. I was trying to find out their ways of treatment when they experienced cough. Considering the location was very remote and far from the city. The place is hard to avail the modern medicines of this generation. The tribe that I visited was still relying on traditional, effective medicines that their fathers taught them.

For common cough, we city living people would usually buy cough syrups and cough solutions to get rid of our cough. Usually, medicines cost much and there are so many brands to consider. You might get an allergic reaction from the medicine for cough, in some cases. The tribe is using Oregano leaves as their medicine for common cough. What they do is they boil the leaves of the oregano and the boiled solution is the extract from the leaves of the plant. They let the solution cool down and they drink it 3 times a day. In three days, cough is gone.

This procedure has been adopted by many local and foreign pharmaceuticals. They use oregano leaves extract to make cough syrup to get rid of cough. It is very effective and it cost little compared to buying medicines. oregano grows anywhere. Oregano leaves is also best for asthma and hard coughing patients.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Many of us experience tooth problems. Others even extract all of their teeth and have an artificial one because of tooth decay. As they say, prevention is better than cure. To have a healthy and strong teeth, salt is all we need.

The procedure that I am sharing is very effective. My grandparents do this and they have complete teeth, healthy and strong teeth. Early in the morning they do salt gargle.

Things needed:

1. 1 teaspoon of salt
2. 1 glass w/ water (lukewarm is very deal)
3. spoon


Mix the salt in the water. Stir it using a spoon. When all salt particles have been dissolve, gargle the solution for about 2 minutes. Then spit the water into the sink. Salt gargle is best for giving our teeth strength and keeping it healthy. It is also effective against bad breath problems.

Monday, January 12, 2009



An abscess is the center of a suppuration or pus collected within a tissue. A boil is a furuncle. Boils and abscesses are characterized by pain, heating and swelling. When we were small kids, we experienced this kind of skin problem. My mother would use some medicines but it was useless because it itches more and more as that medicine was applied. Curing abscesses and boils can be easy. With the help of mother nature, it is easy and less expensive.

Water Treatment:
1. Hot compress for 30 minutes, 2 times a day until the abscess and boils has ripened.
2. Hot sit bath for 30 minutes, 2 times a day. If the abscess or boil is on or around the rectal area and perineal area.

Herbal Medication:
1. Alugbati leaves poultice. Crush 2 leaves and apply as poultice, 2 times a day.
2. Amarillo leaves poultice. Crush 3 leaves and two flowers. Apply as poultice, 2 times a day.
3. Gumamela leaves and flower poultice. Chop 5 leaves and 2 flowers. Apply as poultice on the area. 2 times a day is required for this treatment.
4. Langka juice or sap compress. Get the milky juice from the bark of the langka or jackfruit tree. Mix the sap with vinegar. Warm the mixture and apply on the area. Use small pieces of cloth or gauze as compress. Apply 20 minutes, 2 times a day.
5. Sambong leaves poultice. Chop 5 fresh leaves. Apply directly as poultice on abscess or boil, 2 times a day.
6. Charcoal poultice. Chop or powder charcoal, then wet with water and wrap in handkerchief or clean piece of cloth. Apply directly as poultice, 2 times a day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There are so many patients in the hospital agonizing the paid that kidney stone brings. Usually this is evident by pain at the waist area and the hard part of standing and urinating. Sometime there are cases wherein patients get high fever and unusual blood pressure because of kidney stones. Painful and costly, especially for those who are financially challenge.

To ease the pain of kidney stones bring, the best way to solve it is just by drinking fresh coconut water. This is a proven herbal remedy for those patient with kidney stone problem. One coconut can produce around 2 glasses of fresh coconut water.

For those patients under medication, I would suggest that you stop drinking the medicine that would flush out the stones in your kidneys. Try the natural remedy for kidney stones and that is by drinking fresh coconut water. It is effective and it cost less.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Body odor is one of the most unwanted problem in a man's body. But this problem is unavoidable, especially when a person perspires too much. This problem is mostly men beneficiary but ladies are not excepted from having body odor.

To get rid of body odor or underarm odor, I would recommend that one should try using lemonsito or Chinese lemon as remedy for the problem.


1. Get one fruit of lemonsito or Chinese lemon.
2. Slice it in half.
3. Rub the lemonsito to the surface of your armpit.
4. Apply the other half to the other armpit.
5. Let the armpit dry. Do not wipe the lemon extract that is applied in the armpit.

By doing this, you don't need to buy a commercial deodorant to have that all day protection from body odor. The lemonsito or Chinese lemon is the best and effective remedy for you underarm odor problem.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Have you heard about a person undergoing dialysis? That person is undergoing that treatment because his/her kidneys are not functioning already. It is an expensive treatment that must be done to prolong the life of a person with malfunctioning kidneys. As they say prevention is better than cure, if it is curable. Did you know that a sayote is good for your kidneys.

Herbal procedure:

1. Slice one whole sayote into several slices.
2. Put the sliced sayote into a pitcher and fill it up with water.
3. Place the pitcher inside the refrigerator to make the water cool to drink.
4. Drink the water in the pitcher for two days. After two days, dispose the remaining water and the sayote.

By doing this, you are assured that your kidneys are safe and in good condition as they perform the cleansing job for your blood.