Friday, January 30, 2009


I visited a tribal site in the mountain regions of Mindanao. I was trying to find out their ways of treatment when they experienced cough. Considering the location was very remote and far from the city. The place is hard to avail the modern medicines of this generation. The tribe that I visited was still relying on traditional, effective medicines that their fathers taught them.

For common cough, we city living people would usually buy cough syrups and cough solutions to get rid of our cough. Usually, medicines cost much and there are so many brands to consider. You might get an allergic reaction from the medicine for cough, in some cases. The tribe is using Oregano leaves as their medicine for common cough. What they do is they boil the leaves of the oregano and the boiled solution is the extract from the leaves of the plant. They let the solution cool down and they drink it 3 times a day. In three days, cough is gone.

This procedure has been adopted by many local and foreign pharmaceuticals. They use oregano leaves extract to make cough syrup to get rid of cough. It is very effective and it cost little compared to buying medicines. oregano grows anywhere. Oregano leaves is also best for asthma and hard coughing patients.