Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Nowadays, medical supplements are very much available in drugstores to all people who want to have a good and health body. But beware, you might be endanger of some internal problems because of taking too much medicines as supplements to have a good body health.

It has been observed that most patients with kidney and liver problems are over exposed to taking of medicines as health supplements. As they say too much of a good can turn into bad. As advised, we should take supplements not on a regular basis. An example of that is the vitamin e. We should take vitamin e supplements every 2 days and that is the safest way to avoid kidney and liver health problems.

There are many things that we should do just to become healthy. We can take the natural or nature's way of giving us a healthy body. Supplements are good but the natural are better. Vitamin C is much better when we eat fruits. The secret of having a healthy body is living life naturally.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Have you experienced waking up in the morning and found a pimple on your face? That is a very common scenario to everybody. That can really change the day. Pimples are considered skin problems that can lead to acne stage, more complicated problem. Pimples are cause by dust and oil in our skin. The pores are blocked by the dust causing irritation and lead to swelling.

To fight pimple, you need a good toothpaste. Toothpaste has a substance that fight bacteria causing germs that can cause pimples. What you do is to apply a small part of toothpaste in the pimple and let it try. Wash skin immediately after the toothpaste dries out.

Another herbal remedy for pimples is the use of pounded garlic. What you do is to cut several cloves of garlic and pound it gently to avoid the throws. The crashed garlic is then applied to the pimple. Rinse with water after 5 minutes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Mangosteen is a one fruit that is truly delicious and full of herbal benefits for our body. Mangosteen is now being used as medical supplements due to its herbal effect to our body. The peelings of the fruit is used as a source of anti-constipation water. The peelings are dried and then boiled. The water is then cooled and will be used as substitute for water during the treatment process by people with constipation problem.

Mangosteen is now available in capsule as herbal supplements. It is also believed that the herbal supplements from mangosteen is good for those people who have high blood pressure and high blood sugar. For it is used to lower these medical problems. Doctors now advised their patients to eat at least 1 fruit a day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ampalaya is one of the famous vegetables that are available in the markets. But this famous vegetable is not famous in everyday meals. Because of the bitter taste of this vegetable, many avoid and neglect including this vegetable in their daily menu. Studies suggest that ampalaya contains a hypoglycemic polypeptide, a plan insulin responsible for its blood sugar lower effect. Eating amplaya is very healthy and has so many beneficial components that we need to make our body healthy and free from being diabetic.

This herbal medicine has been used for a long time already. People who eat ampalaya has low blood sugar compared to those people who do not eat ampalaya. As they now say, an ampalaya a day keeps the doctor away.