Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was assigned in the female ward area of the hospital where I am a resident doctor. It is a special place because all of the patients lying in this ward area are all women, women with a unique health problem, Breast Cancer. According to the head nurse, most patients admitted in this ward area enters in a wheelchair and leaves inside a body bag.

Breast Cancer is the number 1 killer of women and it is hard to cure or medicate when the stage of the patients is already terminal. The key to breast cancer is to detect the disease early so that it can be treated immediately. There was one patient in the ward that has undergone breast removal just to stop the spread of the cancer cells in her mammary gland. But the sad things is that the cancer cells has already mutated plenty. She will be scheduled for another breast removal session in the operating room.

Breast Cancer may be hereditary but in many cases, women get this sickness in unknown reason at all. Many believed that stress is a contributor to breast cancer but that is still have to be studied upon to make the theory of the disease more factional.