Monday, November 30, 2009


I just home from my medical mission in Thailand. The people there were very hospitable and very kind to accommodate us during our medical mission. We went to the hills of Thailand and perform our medical mission there. We distributed medicines, dental services and other medical needs of the people living in the area.

I was in the place where there is a rich vegetation and herbs for medical benefits are plenty. I the place where we stayed, dengue and colds were very rampant. I was suggesting tawa-tawa medicine for those people with dengue fever and for colds, I was recommending chicken hot soup with malunggay leaves for the immediate cure of colds. I did not have any hard time collecting the necessary herbal plants in the location because they were plenty and as I know, they have been using these herbs as medicines for their sickness and body ailments.

We were 10 doctors in our group and has an individual specialization in the medical field. For 10 days of medical service, 10 days of new medical discoveries discovered. I am just happy to be home and telling this medical news to all of you. I could now say, "the doctor is now in!"

Friday, November 13, 2009


I was in my doctor friend's clinic for some minor check up. I have been complaining about my stomachache for the past few days now. My friend told me to go to the hospital and have a physical check up or a thorough check of my body. he told me that the procedure that will be done to me will determine the health issue that I am complaining.

I have already signed in the hospital. By Saturday, I will be admitted in the hospital so that more test will done to me to determine my health complaining. My stomach has been aching since the last week after I drink some liquors in the birthday party of my brother's wife. After that, my stomach is in pain since then. I thought this was just a constipation but in the days go by, more and more doubts about that.

My wife told me that I should have told her earlier so that she can be with me when I will be admitted in the hospital. This is a sudden plan that even I was not aware. But I am confident that my health is okay and this is just a minor problem that can be healed by modern medicines and even herbal medicines too.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Many us are going beyond our sleeping time. Others would even extend up to the morning before going to bed. Well, these people who who experience less sleep are candidates for leukemia later on. Aside from that, they are also candidates for liver diseases in the near future because of their poor sleeping habits.

It advisable that people should be in bed, sleeping by 10 pm. It is because our liver is an organ that do self repair on its own. The repair time of our liver is from 11 pm until 3 am in the morning. If our liver cannot do self repair during the hours of its repair, then a big health problem is awaiting to explode.

Many health experts would tell their patients to sleep as early as you can. The ideal time of sleep is 8 to 9 pm at least 2 hours rest after eating in the evening. In an ocular study on individuals, people that sleep early are more healthy compared to those who sleep late. Aside from that, people that sleep early ages slower than those who stay up late. They look older for their age.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Many of us are bothered with our bad cholesterol because of our poor diet and bad habits that can lead to having a bad cholesterol. It is dangerous if we just neglect this simple problem because it might lead to other health problems and even to death.

Many dietary experts would advise to their patients to have a balance diet and sleep early. Avoid staying up late and most especially drinking of liquors and other alcoholic beverages. These things can do damage to our body and will lead to bad cholesterol. Here are some things to do to have a good health and less bad cholesterol.

1. Avoid Liquors. Liquors with alcohol damages our liver and even our kidneys as well.
2. Refrain from smoking or totally stop the bad habit of smoking.
3. Have a balance diet. Avoid eating fatty foods and food with msg.
4. Exercise regularly. It is advisable to exercise at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day.
5. Annual physical check up is advise to all. This type of check up will determine you health condition thoroughly.
6. Water is better than soft drinks, fruit juices are preferred also for it brings good body health.

There are also medicine and supplements that might help when you have already bad cholesterol. The brand reducel is a good medicine against bad cholesterol.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We all know about the therapeutic wonders that coconut water can do in taking care of our kidneys. But aside from coconut water, sayote is also good in taking care of our kidneys. To make a sayote water, these are the things needed.

sayote, chopped into quarters
500 ml water container


Place the chopped sayote in the water container and fill it up with water up the water level of the container. After combining the water and the sayote, place it inside the refrigerator for chilling effect. Drink at least 1 glass before meals. After the water is consumed, just refill the water container. The refilling of water must only be done twice. After the second refill, dispose the sayote.

The sayote contains the necessary nutrients that will help boost our kidneys' condition. it flushes out the toxins and unwanted chemical build up in the kidneys making it health and toxin free.