Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was holding my medical duty at the hospital when one f the nurses called me and told me to go the emergency room as soon as possible because one patient was looking for me. Upon arrival in the emergency room I saw my patient lying in the bed and waiting for me. He was one of my patients in the clinic. He was already coughing and coughing like he was in great pain. Immediately, I told the nurse to prepare the patient because he must be x-ray and I must see the result.

When I looked at the result of his x-ray, I noticed spots in his lungs and as if there were already holes in the lung surface. It was not good because it showed early stage of lung cancer. My patient was a change smoker already. He smoke reams of cigarettes almost every week. His lips were already dry when he was rushed to the hospital. It was a stage 1 lung cancer already. Since the illness was still young, it can still be treated. I told my patient to stop smoking or else he will die. I read this article cigarrest reviews about lung cancer and smoking was the main cause to it. The cigarrest reviews was very helpful to me because I can share it to my patients with stage 1 lung cancer.

My co-doctor in the hospital told me about cigarrest reviews that he always read during his break. Since then, I always read the articles and it really helped me a lot in my profession as a physician.