Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Healthy Living, Healthy Diet

In my 33 years of living, I can say that I lived a healthy lifestyle. I just completed my executive checkup at the hospital. I was examined by several physicians with masters in their own field. From the Ultrasound to the blood screening all were okay. The physician asked me about my lifestyle about smoking and drinking. I told him I used to smoke and drink but I quit smoking and drinking because I know the effects of these bad vices. Foods, I am fond of eating fatty foods but the result in my liver screening was also in good shape. My lungs were in the right condition and blood sugar was fine.

I remembered before in 2007 when I used to stay up late due to writing. It resulted to high blood pressure and I noticed that skin aging was fast on me. I starved myself from sleeping since writing was so demanding. Later, I realized that I was not in the right track and I was abusing my health. I was afraid to visit the physician to seek medical attention because I was afraid of the outcome of the check up. My partner was persistent in telling me that I need medical attention. You won’t believe I was underweight at that time.

Change really must start from within. So I change all that by eating the right foods and get enough sleep. Smoking and drinking of any alcoholic beverages were stopped. I can say that fiber rich diet really makes wonder on me. Fruits and vegetables are the foods that must be eaten in order to stay healthy and fit. I thought having a healthy living was hard but I was wrong. It takes guts and perseverance in order to do these things just to stay healthy and fit. It was a choice that I took and I am glad that I made the right move.