Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am sick. Its been two days already that my cold and fever are torturing me. I cannot breath properly because of my cold. I feel like something is stuck inside my nose. I already took several vitamin c brands but still no relief from common colds. My first option was to go the hospital and get hospitalized for the colds and fever that I have.

Suddenly, I realized that common colds can be cured by water therapy. Immediately, I got my bottle and filled it with water and started drinking it. Based on my observation, my colds is slowly loosening up and I can spit the phlegm easily. My body temperature has already normalize unlike the past 2 days that my body temp was as high as 39-40. But since I took water as my therapy, I can noticed that my health problem is getting better and I can breath well right now. I believe that because of water therapy, my recovered easily.