Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, cancer patients are growing in numbers and counting. Many said that the disease is hereditary but I beg to disagree. Many of today's patients are experiencing cancer for the first time in their family. There are so many treatment that a patient must undergo chemotherapy just to kill the cancer cells from growing. Let us go back in time and recall past events that might be a big help in solving cancer forever. In the past, people rely on traditional medicines in curing their diseases and health problems. Cancer is not yet present at that time. It was just this generation that the first patient be diagnosed with this problem. Traditional medicines were ofetn used and it has proved to solved their health problems. Cancer might have an old name that is now called cancer. In the past, Virgin Coconut Oil was alredy the best medicine and prevention medicine. It was used for stomach pain, headache and other sickness. There were several accounts that virgin coconut oil prevents the spread of cancer, in modern medical term. There are some proof to this and many can attest to this. But many doctors disapprove it. They still believe that chemotherapy is the best way to solve cancer.


Beta Carotene is one of the best defense to fight against cancer cells. Carrots is the said to be the best source of this vitamin. In preparing a juice made of carrots, it has been observed that the peelings are taken away from the vegetable. Which is very wrong you you want to have this vitamin. I suggest that when cooking and making fruit juice from carrots, let the peelings remain. With this, you are assured that beta carotene stays in you vegetable food and carrot juice. Many of my friends and clients are following my instructions. Prevention is better than cure, if there is for cancer. Having enough beta carotene in our body prevents the cancer cells from destroying the good cells in our body.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Summer is finally here and during summer time, sore eyes is a common problem to arise. The early signs of sore eyes is the accumulation of eye dirt and eye redness. Having a sore eyes is not easy it is because you cannot see well and your visual is hampered by the eye irritation. Looking at the patient with sore eyes will not infect you. The only way of transmission is by hand contact. Our hands are the road to being infected with this eye problem. In order to prevent the spread of the problem, hand washing is regularly and advisable. Having a clean hands will prevent the spread. It is also advisable to avoid using things, especially things used for visuals like eyeglasses, eye contact lenses and other things. By this, you are assured that you wont get infected with sore eyes. Washing our hands with soap and water is the best defense against sore eyes.

Friday, February 20, 2009


People who are sick usually has a high fever. That is normal because having fever is an indication that we are sick. To get well, we usually take medicines to lower our fever until normal temperature. But instead of taking medicine, we can also use vinegar as an alternative to fever medicines. Vinegar is wide used to lower body temperature, especially when having a fever.

Things needed:
1. Cup vinegar (cane or coconut)
2. Face towel (clean)
3. Water and a basin

1. Wipe the patient's body with the towel wet with water. This cleans the surface of the patient's body for vinegar application.
2. Using the basin filled with 2 glasses of water mix the one cup of vinegar and soak the face towel.
3. Wipe the patient with the face towel that was soak on water and vinegar solution. The key areas are the legs, arms and armpits, neck and the forehead. repeat the the same procedure every 2 hours until fever has cool down. In severe cases, bring the patient to the nearest hospital immediately if fever does not cool down. The vinegar solution is the best first aid treatment that you can do to patients with fever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Most of us are not gifted with clean and white underarm. Many of us have dark underarm. To solve this problem, many would go to their dermatologist and have an underarm whitening session that cost much. But having a dark underarm is really not a problem. You don't need to spend much money just to get that underarm white and presentable. Let nature do it's job and see a big difference. All you need is a lemonsito or lemon. With this you can make that dark underarm disappear forever. Just follow the following procedure that I will be telling you.

Things needed:
1. Lemon or lemonsito.
2. knife
3. gloves

1. Cut the lemon in half.
2. Make sure that you are wearing a gloves to protect your hands from the juice.
3. Rub the lemon into your dark underarm. Do this for at least 2 weeks.

This method is proven to get rid of dark underarm. You can save your money from paying medical professional fee by just doing this simple procedure. My wife has been doing this procedure and I really saw the big difference. After 2 weeks, you will see a big difference.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I used to use facial soaps on my face to clean it from the dust and dirt that can cause pimples. But I noticed that my face gets irritated by the soap that I am using. I tried to shift to another brand of soap and even the mildest one but still pimples continue to show on my face. I even used astringents but it only aggravates the irritation on my skin. I have a sentitive skin so I stopped using soaps instead I used only water to cleanse my face. At first, it has kind of sticky because I was not yet used to water alone. But as I constantly do it, I was able to adobt the water only to my face. I observed that my face was cleared from pimples and acne because of it. Washing my face three times a day with water alone is enough to get rid of pimples. Until know, I only use water on my face. No more soap for it can irritate our skin. You will notice the difference after 1 month of using water alone. Water Therapy really is good when you have pimples. This is the best remedy for pimple problems.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Iodine is a very important to our body. There are others who lack this nutrient would result to goiter, especially on women. To get the much needed iodine for our body, Malunggay is the best source of it. Malunggay is called horse raddish tree in english. It's leaves are boiled as part of a soup and eaten. Malunggay is just one of the many vegetables that can give iodine for our body. Goiter can be prevented and the best way to preventing it is by having iodine. The best souce for iodine is by eating malunggay leaves. In the provinces, malunggay soup is part of everyday meals.