Friday, February 20, 2009


People who are sick usually has a high fever. That is normal because having fever is an indication that we are sick. To get well, we usually take medicines to lower our fever until normal temperature. But instead of taking medicine, we can also use vinegar as an alternative to fever medicines. Vinegar is wide used to lower body temperature, especially when having a fever.

Things needed:
1. Cup vinegar (cane or coconut)
2. Face towel (clean)
3. Water and a basin

1. Wipe the patient's body with the towel wet with water. This cleans the surface of the patient's body for vinegar application.
2. Using the basin filled with 2 glasses of water mix the one cup of vinegar and soak the face towel.
3. Wipe the patient with the face towel that was soak on water and vinegar solution. The key areas are the legs, arms and armpits, neck and the forehead. repeat the the same procedure every 2 hours until fever has cool down. In severe cases, bring the patient to the nearest hospital immediately if fever does not cool down. The vinegar solution is the best first aid treatment that you can do to patients with fever.