Friday, February 17, 2012


I was in the hospital the other day doing my rounds when I was called by the emergency room. Working in the hospital can be very interesting, especially when you are called in the emergency room. This is the first time that I was called by my fellow doctor to assist him the emergency room.

As I present myself, a patient was lying in the hospital bed. He was already weak and the nurses told me that the patient's hemoglobin count is already low. According to the wife of the patient, her husband has a bleeding intestine due to a lump that needs immediate surgery. According to his medical records in the hospital, this is the second time that the man was admitted due to his low hemoglobin count.

I ordered immediate fresh blood infusion to prevent the lowering of his hemoglobin count. I ordered 5 bags of fresh whole blood. The blood section told me that there are a few remaining blood supply and the blood has already a recipient patient in the hospital. The stool examination showed a color black fecal. This means that the patient is suffering from internal bleeding. The endoscopy showed that the mass in his stomach is the reason that his hemoglobin count is low.

The patient is very skeptical about the surgery since, we doctors, cannot assure cure to his case. I am not a surgeon but I agree with the patient in this case. I am a witness of several cases like this that ends up in a bad condition to the patient and even death. In this case, the blood infusion is the immediate remedy to the loss of blood by the patient. I suggested that once he recovers, he must change his eating habit.

The patient likes to eat solid pork. That is the reason why his intestine is bleeding. I am a doctor and I believe that nature has a cure to this illness. Fresh vegetables and fruits is highly recommended to the patient especially he has this condition that needs immediate medical care.