Sunday, July 24, 2011


Many of us are now diagnosed with high blood sugar. This is due to the meals that we intake everyday and that can be very deadly. People with high blood sugar are at risk of kidney problems and liver problems once not attended immediately. In the recent medical survey 4 out of 10 people die of kidney related problems due to high blood sugar.

Having a high blood sugar is not really a problem. With the help of ampalaya or bitter melon. Amplaya has been used by herbal medicine practitioners in treating patients with high blood sugar. For this medical procedure, here are the things needed:

2 kilos of Ampalaya or bitter melon.
5 liters of water
cooking pot - enough to boil 5 liters of water


1. Chop the ampalaya into slices.
2. Place the slices of ampalaya into the cooking pot.
3. Pour the 5 liters of water in the ampalaya.
4. Boil the ampalaya or bitter melon for about 5 minutes.
5. Pour the water into the pitcher and let it cool down.
6. Drink the ampalaya water every before and after meals. Just a class of ampalaya water or bitter melon.

The treatment of blood sugar usually would take around 2 weeks. But with the constant drinking of ampalaya water can fasten the lowering process. In just a week, blood sugar will be lower with good signs in your health.

Friday, July 22, 2011


We sometimes neglect a simple cough. A cough for 1 to 2 weeks can already be dangerous. We should always be cautious with cough because a simple cough can be asthma in the coming days. That is why we should seek medial attention imeediately.

There are 2 ways how to be asthmatic. One , is by hereditary. Once your family has a history of asthma, then you might also get one because it is already part of your genes. The second is by acquired. This is more about the surroundings that you are in. In many cases people living in polluted areas. People living in this kind of environment has a high possibility to get asthma.

For asthma prevention, we must always be prepared of the signs as follows:

1. Coughing for about 1 to 2 weeks.
2. Hard cough is always the first sign of asthma.
3. Difficulty in breathing once coughing.
4. Perspiration during coughing.

These are just the early signs of asthma and once detected, one should always seek medical attention. In hospitals, the nebulizing patients with asthma to ease the breathing of the patient and to calm down the lungs. There is also medicines that are administered by the hospital to ease the patient. It is always best to seek medical attention before a cough mutates into asthma. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. n the case of asthmatic patients, the case is recurring.