Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was in the province the other week for some medical mission. Along with me are doctors and nurses who are volunteers for a non government organization giving medical aid to far and remote places in the country. It was a 3 hours walk to the top of the mountain to give medical aid to the municipality in that area. The road going to the place was not concrete so we need to carry some medical equipment and supplies to the place. Our service vehicle was left at the foot of the mountain.

After 3 hours of long walk, we reached the municipality that we giving medical services and aid. The location was very far that lights and portable water is nonexistent. We brought some mineral waters and food too for the mission. The chief of the town greeted us warmly and the people as well. They were amazed to see a doctor and nurses because the place is very far that no doctors can reach the place.

Immediately, I prepared the tables and opened the medicines that we brought along with us. People started to flock the medical mission venue. After completing the setup of the tables and chairs, the medical mission started immediately. I was in-charge of the medicine dispensing. After the check up, the patient will show me the doctor's note and I will release the corresponding medicine for the patient.

Here in the city, dengue patients are immediately put on dextrose to replenish the lost body fluid. Sometimes doctor's would prescribe Gatorade drink for the loss body fluid. But in the place where we did the medical mission, they have a unique way to dealing patients with dengue fever. Instead of dextrose, they boil tawa-tawa leaves and then they let the patient drink the boiled water with tawa tawa on it. Tawa Tawa grass is a common grass that we can find along the streets and we don't give any value on it. But there, they use it as medicines. Tawa tawa has undergone many medical studies to prove the medical benefits along with the grass. According to one local folk I spoke to, his son was a victim dengue fever and it nearly cause him his life. But because they are using the tawa-tawa grass, his life was spared.

Because I was so amazed with the medical benefit of the grass, I brought some sample of the boiled water with tawa-tawa so that we can examine in the laboratory. But aside from tawa-tawa, the villagers also use other medical plants for their common illnesses and it is very effective for them. One thing I learned about the medical mission is that the healing wonder of nature is still very active and we needed to look at this herbal medicines because we might find the cure for more dangerous illnesses that we have right now.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


There many cases of diabetes right now. In fact in the latest study, there is an increase of almost 65% of patients with diabetes right now compared 2 years ago. The increase of diabetic patients is alarming. There are patients aged around 12-20 years old right now with type 2 diabetes already. High blood sugar can be very dangerous and can lead to diabetes.

We must have a balance sugar in our blood. But because of our lifestyle right now, we can easily be victims of this illness. But having a high blood sugar can be solved easily with the help of mother nature. Ampalaya juice has been proven to lower blood sugar level in a very healthy way. For this medical treatment, we will be needing the following:

1. 1 kilo of ampalaya.
2. 3 liters of water.
3. blender.


1.Wash the ampalaya properly. Make sure that the skin of the vegetable is well washed.
2. Place the ampalaya and add the water into the blender. If the blender has a capacity less than liters, just adjust the ampalaya and the water proportionately.
3. blend is for about 3 minutes. Then place the entire blended juice in a pitcher.

It would be advisable to take the juice every after meals. But make sure that you are not eating starchy foods for that would mean sugar. The ampalaya juice has been used for centuries in treatment of high blood sugar.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


There are many health and beauty creams in the market that promise that it will make you younger. But actually this is not a confirmed study. Health creams can make your skin whiten but can never make you younger.

Our body and skin particularly age. That's a fact about human beings. And when our skin ages, that would mean we grow also. That's nature. We cannot change that. But we can slowdown the aging process with a simple health tip. The secret of having a healthy skin and make you younger looking is by sleeping. That 's right. By sleeping we get to slowdown the aging process of our skin. In fact we are not just slowing it down but we are also allowing our skin rejuvenate more healthy skin cells.

But sleeping alone is not enough. We need to be more health conscious and avoid things that can make us look old. We need to avoid the following:

1. Smoking.
2. Drinking of any form of alcoholic drinks.
3. Avoid to much exposure to the sun.
4. Avoid exposure to dust and any unhealthy environments.

When we remove these things in our system, we will get the right health for our skin. We need to do the following.

1. Drink as many water as we can.
2. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. 10 pm is the ideal sleeping time for all.
3. Have a healthy diet and avoid fatty foods.
4. Exercise regularly.

This is no fountain of youth. But we can do these simple things and have a younger look. By these, we get to slowdown the aging process of our skin and body.