Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In the recent medical chart, cough is one of the top health problems right now. There are medicines available but the natural way of healing is still ideal, less the medicines. Water therapy has always been proven to ease patients with cough problems. Water Therapy is highly recommended because it cures cough fast less stress of medicine drowse.

Water Therapy can easily be done. Water must be taken by patients with cough every minute. The normal urination is just normal because of the water intake. The good thing about water therapy is that there is no overdose of water. Water ease cough by making the mucus substance in the lungs and throat area loose because of the water. Sticky mucus loose grip on the throat walls and coughing it out would be easy to the patient with cough.

Water Therapy has been used in various medical centers to ease the cough of patients in the area. Even doctors can testify that water therapy is an immediate solution to cough problems.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I was doing my rounds in the medical ward yesterday. The medical ward is a place where patients with less serious illnesses are placed. It is a general policy of the hospital where I am a resident doctor, to wear medical scrub. The mens scrub uniforms are available in the supply room and we doctors must always wear our scrub to be identified by the nurses and medial staffs inside the hospital building.

When I was in the delivery room, I was wearing my pink scrub uniform, that is the official color inside the delivery room. When I am inside the conference room, I must wear my white scrub. Hospital policy must be followed. That is why when I leave the house I always make sure that I bring my hospital uniform. Its a good thing wearing the uniform because patients can easily recognize me, as a doctor from the nurses and the aides working inside the hospital. The hospital acquires the scrubs uniform from this site: