Monday, March 22, 2010


Angina is a heart pain caused by lack of oxygen running in the blood vessels going to the heart. it is also said that angina is caused by partially blocked coronary arteries feeding insufficient blood to the heart. Angina can sometime be linked by indigestion. But medical doctors must be cautious about it. Chest pains can also be felt by patients who are suffering from angina heart problem.

Angina prevention:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, if necessary.
2. Stop smoking and have a regular cholesterol and blood pressure check-ups.
3. Take regular gentle exercise. When chest pains are felt, stop slowly.
4. Consider counseling or anger management for emotional outburst.
5. Drink water often, avoid dehydrating your body.

There are nitrate drugs to control angina. These come in as skin patches, sprays and tablets to dissolve under the tongue. Transplant surgery can give some patients a new ease in life by the replacement of the blocked coronary arteries with a new vessels fashioned from veins taken from the legs. This medical procedure can also be stressful to patients experiencing angina.


Most of may patient who visit me in my clinic are asking me about male enhancement pills that they can use to make them potent or incapacity to produce human beings in this world. In the medical world, we doctors would advise to our patients who are experiencing problem with their sexual drive should try the natural way of dealing the issue. Here are some tips to make your body healthy and cope up with the potency issue:

1. Stay away from liquors, smoking and other vices that might lead to poor health.
2. Sleep early. Stress can cause impotency to males.
3. Water therapy. Drink 10-15 glasses of water. Hydrate your body well.
4. Medicine supplements or multivitamins.

Right now, there many readily available male enhancement pills that are available in the market. These health boosters for men are indeed very helpful in making a man potent in his sexual life. There are also other men that are trying several male enhancement pills without medical consultancy. It would still be best to consult your doctor before taking any male enhance pills. These pills are also helpful in making a man potent.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The introduction of mater into the colon to stimulate bowel activity and to cleanse the bowels.

1. Stimulate peristalsis or bowel activity.
2. Cleanses the colon, usually done before test and x-rays of the colon or any of the abdominal organs.
3. Relieves gas pain.

Things needed:
1. Enema can be with tubing or rectal tip.
2. Lubricant (oil or mild soap)
3. Toilet paper.
4. Plastic sheet or old newspaper.
5. Salt-1 tablespoon for a liter or about 4 cups of water.
6. Towels.
7. Bedpan if patient is unable to go to the toilet.
8. Bedside commode.

1. Enema can be given in bed or in padded floor if bedroom is far from the toilet bowl.
2. Give privacy to the patient if done outside of the bedroom.
3. Place the plastic sheet or newspaper under the patient’s buttocks.
4. Turn the patient on the left side with knees flexed. Cover the patient, exposing only the rectal area.
5. Fill up the enema can with warm water, and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Allow the solution to flow through the tubing to remove the air before inserting the rectal tip.
6. Lubricate the rectal tip with oil or mild soap to make it easy to insert.
7. Insert lubricated rectal tip into the rectum allowing the water to flow slowly into the colon. The height of the can should only be 11/2 feet or 18 inches from the patient’s rectum.
8. Control the rate and pressure of the solution going into the rectum raising and lowering the enema can slowly. If the patient complains of a desire to expel the fluid, stop the flow for a few seconds by pinching the tubing and let the patient open his mouth. Let him breathe through the mouth and relax.
9. As much as possible let him hold all the solution in as long as he can before expelling the water.
10. Remove the enema tip slowly and wrap it with tissue paper. Assist patient in the toilet or give a bedpan if unable to go to the toilet bowl.
11. Observe the return flow for the effect of the enema.
12. Repeat procedure until all solution is gone or until the return flow is clear.
13. Wash and dry patient and make him comfortable. Observe patient’s condition and reaction.
14. Clean up the area, wash and boil the enema can, tubing and rectal tip before putting it away. Be sure the rubber tubing is dry before keeping it.

Enemas should not be given freely. Unless indicated and ordered by the physician, it will do more harm than good.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Many men are are experiencing this health problem. Potency is something that men are facing right now. In recent studies, more and more males are experiencing this problem. But actually, this health problem can be solved with the use of medicines or medications, supplements and even natural health method.

The most widely used right now in solving male impotency is the use of medicines and supplements. There are Natural Male Enhancement medicines and supplements that can be used. There are widely used because of the immediate effect to the patient taking the medicine. But it is advisable to talk to a doctor before taking the medicine or the supplement. Natural Male Enhancement is also very much available in the many drugstores. Natural Male Enhancement has helped many patients achieve that potency level of being productive.

Aside from the medications, patients can also try the natural method of treating impotency. This is by eating healthy foods. Avoid fatty and salty foods. Drink plenty of water. Water therapy is really advised by doctors to patients that are experiencing impotency. There are also detailed procedures that patients can follow. This procedure is available in many doctors' clinic. Being healthy is the key of avoiding impotency.

Friday, March 5, 2010


In this climate that we have, we can easily experience heat stroke. heat stroke is caused by too much heat in our body and it can be very deadly in most cases. To prevent from heat stroke here are some health tips that you can do:

1. Always bring an umbrella or anything that can cover your body from the scorching heat.
2. Avoid walking from 10 am to 2 pm or when the sun is very hot for it can also cause sun burn to our skin.
3. When you feel hot, water therapy is always the best solution for the heat that our body is feeling.
4. Always try to take a little rest when you feel tired because of the heat. Relaxing the body can help prevent heat stroke.

Always keep in mind that we always need the right protect to avoid heat stroke.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


BODY ODOR is a poor health condition due to the poor hygiene. Usually body odor starts in our armpits because of sweat. But this poor health condition can be cure with the use of calamansi juice. For this treatment, here are the things needed:

2 pieces calamansi
1 small container
water for pre-cleaning process


1. Clean the armpits thoroughly with water and soap.
2. Wipe the armpits with dry towel. Make sure that the armpits are clean and dry.
3. Squeeze slowly the the calamansi juice into the armpit surface. Let it dry for about 3 minutes.
4 Do not rinse the dried calamansi juice in armpit. This will serve as a deodorant for the entire.

When under this treatment, it is advisable that avoid using commercial brand deodorants for it might cause a reaction with the calamansi treatment of the armpit.