Friday, January 30, 2009


I visited a tribal site in the mountain regions of Mindanao. I was trying to find out their ways of treatment when they experienced cough. Considering the location was very remote and far from the city. The place is hard to avail the modern medicines of this generation. The tribe that I visited was still relying on traditional, effective medicines that their fathers taught them.

For common cough, we city living people would usually buy cough syrups and cough solutions to get rid of our cough. Usually, medicines cost much and there are so many brands to consider. You might get an allergic reaction from the medicine for cough, in some cases. The tribe is using Oregano leaves as their medicine for common cough. What they do is they boil the leaves of the oregano and the boiled solution is the extract from the leaves of the plant. They let the solution cool down and they drink it 3 times a day. In three days, cough is gone.

This procedure has been adopted by many local and foreign pharmaceuticals. They use oregano leaves extract to make cough syrup to get rid of cough. It is very effective and it cost little compared to buying medicines. oregano grows anywhere. Oregano leaves is also best for asthma and hard coughing patients.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Many of us experience tooth problems. Others even extract all of their teeth and have an artificial one because of tooth decay. As they say, prevention is better than cure. To have a healthy and strong teeth, salt is all we need.

The procedure that I am sharing is very effective. My grandparents do this and they have complete teeth, healthy and strong teeth. Early in the morning they do salt gargle.

Things needed:

1. 1 teaspoon of salt
2. 1 glass w/ water (lukewarm is very deal)
3. spoon


Mix the salt in the water. Stir it using a spoon. When all salt particles have been dissolve, gargle the solution for about 2 minutes. Then spit the water into the sink. Salt gargle is best for giving our teeth strength and keeping it healthy. It is also effective against bad breath problems.

Monday, January 12, 2009



An abscess is the center of a suppuration or pus collected within a tissue. A boil is a furuncle. Boils and abscesses are characterized by pain, heating and swelling. When we were small kids, we experienced this kind of skin problem. My mother would use some medicines but it was useless because it itches more and more as that medicine was applied. Curing abscesses and boils can be easy. With the help of mother nature, it is easy and less expensive.

Water Treatment:
1. Hot compress for 30 minutes, 2 times a day until the abscess and boils has ripened.
2. Hot sit bath for 30 minutes, 2 times a day. If the abscess or boil is on or around the rectal area and perineal area.

Herbal Medication:
1. Alugbati leaves poultice. Crush 2 leaves and apply as poultice, 2 times a day.
2. Amarillo leaves poultice. Crush 3 leaves and two flowers. Apply as poultice, 2 times a day.
3. Gumamela leaves and flower poultice. Chop 5 leaves and 2 flowers. Apply as poultice on the area. 2 times a day is required for this treatment.
4. Langka juice or sap compress. Get the milky juice from the bark of the langka or jackfruit tree. Mix the sap with vinegar. Warm the mixture and apply on the area. Use small pieces of cloth or gauze as compress. Apply 20 minutes, 2 times a day.
5. Sambong leaves poultice. Chop 5 fresh leaves. Apply directly as poultice on abscess or boil, 2 times a day.
6. Charcoal poultice. Chop or powder charcoal, then wet with water and wrap in handkerchief or clean piece of cloth. Apply directly as poultice, 2 times a day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There are so many patients in the hospital agonizing the paid that kidney stone brings. Usually this is evident by pain at the waist area and the hard part of standing and urinating. Sometime there are cases wherein patients get high fever and unusual blood pressure because of kidney stones. Painful and costly, especially for those who are financially challenge.

To ease the pain of kidney stones bring, the best way to solve it is just by drinking fresh coconut water. This is a proven herbal remedy for those patient with kidney stone problem. One coconut can produce around 2 glasses of fresh coconut water.

For those patients under medication, I would suggest that you stop drinking the medicine that would flush out the stones in your kidneys. Try the natural remedy for kidney stones and that is by drinking fresh coconut water. It is effective and it cost less.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Body odor is one of the most unwanted problem in a man's body. But this problem is unavoidable, especially when a person perspires too much. This problem is mostly men beneficiary but ladies are not excepted from having body odor.

To get rid of body odor or underarm odor, I would recommend that one should try using lemonsito or Chinese lemon as remedy for the problem.


1. Get one fruit of lemonsito or Chinese lemon.
2. Slice it in half.
3. Rub the lemonsito to the surface of your armpit.
4. Apply the other half to the other armpit.
5. Let the armpit dry. Do not wipe the lemon extract that is applied in the armpit.

By doing this, you don't need to buy a commercial deodorant to have that all day protection from body odor. The lemonsito or Chinese lemon is the best and effective remedy for you underarm odor problem.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Have you heard about a person undergoing dialysis? That person is undergoing that treatment because his/her kidneys are not functioning already. It is an expensive treatment that must be done to prolong the life of a person with malfunctioning kidneys. As they say prevention is better than cure, if it is curable. Did you know that a sayote is good for your kidneys.

Herbal procedure:

1. Slice one whole sayote into several slices.
2. Put the sliced sayote into a pitcher and fill it up with water.
3. Place the pitcher inside the refrigerator to make the water cool to drink.
4. Drink the water in the pitcher for two days. After two days, dispose the remaining water and the sayote.

By doing this, you are assured that your kidneys are safe and in good condition as they perform the cleansing job for your blood.