Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Fungal infection is said the main cause of itchiness that is experienced in the armpit areas. Naturally, our armpit sweats and when does is, it creates a watery part in our armpit that is a conducive part for fungal infestation. When itchiness is experienced in our armpit areas, it best to use cornstarch as itchiness remover. Cornstarch as been widely used in the herbal medicine world as a treatment for armpit itchiness.

Armpit itchiness is very common skin disease that is curable by cornstarch. When using cornstarch as itchiness remover, it would be best not to use any commecial brand deodorant for it might cause more infection in the armpit area. Always keep the armpits dry from sweat and water. The it is right to apply cornstarch as treatment for armpit itchiness.