Thursday, October 1, 2009


Many of us are experiencing stomach ache that sometimes lead to Ulcer. Stomach Ulcer is very painful. This cause by unbalanced acid in our stomach, usually due to no food intake. Others would eat sweet candy just to get ease the aching stomach and even drink lukewarm water for temporary relief from the pain the stomach Ulcer brings.

There are many antacid medicines right now in the market that are readily available for patients that are suffering from stomach ulcer. But these medicines usually take effect after several minutes before the pain is temporarily out. Drinking hot water is good but still not enough to ease the pain in the stomach.

When stomach ulcer attacks, starch milk is best to relieve the aching stomach. For this starch milk, these are the things that are needed.

1. One glass, filled with hot water.
2. 4 Tablespoons of corn starch.
3. Spoon for stirring.


1. Place the starch into the hot water in the glass, mix well to get rid of the small particles of the corn starch. It is like preparing a hot milk.
2. Stir the starch solution well using the spoon.
3. Let the patient, who is suffering from ulcer, drink it.

Stomach Ulcer is simple but can be very dangerous once we just let it be. The stomach walls might be wounded because of ulcer and that can be fatal too. When Ulcer strikes, starch milk is the best solution for that.