Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Toothache is caused by tooth decay due poor dental care. People should always brush their teeth after meals to prevent tooth decay. But sometimes even how hard we try, dental problems occurs and toothache would be the next painful event that one would be experiencing. To stop toothache from bothering you, you must try vinegar gargle.

This is another natural remedy against toothache. For this treatment, you will be needing the following simple things:

1. 2 tablespoons of vinegar
2. glass
3. Water


1. Place the vinegar into the glass.
2. Gargle the vinegar. Make sure that the place where the toothache is felt must be the target of the gargle. Gargle the vinegar for just 1 minute.
3. Spit-out the vinegar and let the vinegar do the treatment in your toothache.
4. Rinse mouth with water after the vinegar gargle.

The pain would relieved for a couple of hours and that is already enough for the patient to go to the dentist to make the pain out of the system. Poor dental care is the main cause of toothache. Brushing our teeth at least three times a day is always advised to prevent tooth decay.